Mia Ganda

Mia Ganda

Integration / Leadership Coach Advisor Personal Development
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Integration / Leadership Coach Advisor Personal Development

Mia Ganda

Through offering unconditional loving presence and embracing vulnerability, Mia creates a safe environment for clients to discover their authentic selves and align it with their outer environments. Results created through coaching are deep, sustainable, and expansive, both internally and in the external world. Mia blends tools from integrative therapy; executive and life coaching; as well as mindfulness practices.

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Methods and approaches

Grounding Exercises

Coaching specialities

Integrative Psychotherapy
Leadership Coaching
Life Coaching
Spiritual Leadership




  • MA in International Relations
  • Certificate psychotherapy and counselling
  • CTI Co-active Executive Coaching
  • Pause Place Mentor
  • Spiritual Leadership with Katie Abbott
  • Shaman’s Journey Medicine Wheel
  • Mahamudra for the Modern World
  • Training in Compassionate Enquiry (Approach of Gabor Maté MD)


English, German



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Mia Ganda

Born in Germany, Mia worked ten years in fashion in Europe and the United States.

Looking for a new challenge, she subsequently spent eight years in Sports Management and Private Banking in London.

Throughout, clients kept seeking her advice on professional transitions, personal development and life improvement, which after further studies in the fields of coaching, psychotherapy, shamanic work, yoga, mindfulness and spiritual leadership, prompted a career progression into professional coaching.

Fascinated by human relationships, Mia focusses on emotional awareness and connection.

In 2017 she collaborated with Deepak Chopra on creating an Emotional Intimacy curriculum for the Chopra Foundation. She has been coaching individuals and groups professionally since 2014.

Mia Ganda

's approach to Psychedelic Integration

Safety first! Compassionate presence, mindfulness and grounding exercises before exploring how psychedelic experiences can be integrated on a psychological level and beneficial in moving forward. 

Articles written by this coach
Spiritual Healing? How to Not Bypass!

Our coach Mia Ganda goes through the concept of spiritual healing and focuses on the Spiritual Bypassing topic: …it is not that setting out on a spiritual path clears up all psychological problems.” — Brant Cortright I came to this conclusion personally after I almost jumped from a boat into a very likely piranha-infested tributary of the Amazon River, in the midst of the Peruvian rainforest. Subsequently of having crashed into the river's embankment, we picked up an additional passenger. A hairy, hand-sized, black tarantula, stood in sharp contrast to the man’s white polo shirt, whose shoulder it was now sitting on. Not only was I terrified, but I also sobered.

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