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Harmonizing the Psyche: Trauma-Informed Guidance for Psychedelic Integration and Preparation.

Anna Temczuk

Reykjavik, Iceland

From 80€/session


Art Therapy
Integration Coaching
Master Plant Dieta
Mindfulness Meditation
Nervous System Regulation
Set & Settings
Shadow Work
Transpersonal Psychology
Trauma Informed

Areas of expertise

Being at a Cross-Roads
Breaking Patterns
Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Facilitator of Psychedelic Integration Groups
Nervous System Regulation
Shadow Work
Trauma Informed

About Anna Temczuk

Embark on a journey of transformative self-discovery and growth with me, a visionary artist and compassionate psychologist holding a Master’s Degree from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. My academic background lays a solid foundation for my profound interest in psychology, which extends to self-awareness, meditation, yoga, and especially the use of sacred plants like ayahuasca.

Over the last 12 years, my personal and scientific explorations of sacred plants and traditional practices have profoundly enriched my professional approach. My journey and insights are documented in “Time of Awakening” (“Czas Przebudzeń: 12 podróży ku wolności”) by Manana Chyb, where I explore the intersection of conventional psychology and transformative, transpersonal experiences.

I specialize in trauma-informed psychedelic integration and somatic practices, with a focus on holistic healing and resilience building. My extensive experience in teaching meditation, particularly within prison and corporate settings, has honed my ability to apply mindfulness techniques effectively across diverse and challenging environments. My background in Art Therapy, Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation, and Somatic Plant Medicine Integration further qualifies me to guide individuals through their spiritual and psychological transformation.

In collaboration with the Inca Shipiba Retreat Center in Peru, I provide integration counselling sessions that support the healing and self-discovery of clients who engage in sacred plant dietas, rooted in the traditions of the Shipibo Conibo people. There, I assist individuals in navigating the complex interplay of mind, body, and spirit, revealing the transformative power of sacred plants and practices.

Together, we will transcend the traditional boundaries of psychology, embarking on a transformative process that not only fosters personal evolution but also contributes to the broader discourse on consciousness and healing.

I am privileged to guide you on this path, creating a nurturing space for growth and exploration where ancient wisdom meets modern psychology. Let us embark on this transformative journey together, discovering new paths to healing and self-awareness.

Anna Temczuk's approach to integration

In each session, while the guidance is tailored to the individual, certain practical aspects are consistently addressed with clients to ensure thorough preparation and effective integration. These elements include:

  • Foundation for a Safe Journey: Emphasizing the essential components necessary for a secure and productive experience.
  • Alignment of Intentions: Aligning the experience with personal values and goals to enhance its relevance and impact.
  • Risk Mitigation and Personal Well-being: Implementing strategies to minimize potential risks associated with psychedelic experiences.
  • Optimizing Environment for Continued Growth: Creating an environment conducive to sustained personal development and healing.
  • Supportive Network Preparation: Engaging close relationships in the integration process to build a supportive network.

1:1 Integration Session Structure

  1. Establishing Sacred Connection and Co-regulation From the beginning, I focus on creating a sacred and trust-filled environment. Through genuine connection, I foster a safe space that encourages open-hearted participation.
  2. Embarking on Somatic De-centering At the core of the session, we engage in the process of somatic de-centering. This journey moves us beyond habitual thought patterns, exploring various aspects of the self in a transformative process.
  3. Unveiling the Tapestry of Experience I carefully explore the client’s journey with plant medicine. Intentions, themes, altered states of consciousness, and personal history are woven together in a meaningful dialogue that lays the foundation for a thorough understanding of their experiences.
  4. Harvesting Insights In this crucial phase, I help the client articulate and verbalize the insights obtained from their journey. This step is vital for cementing new self-awareness and emotional discoveries.
  5. Crafting a Cohesive Narrative Together, we synthesize the insights into a coherent narrative. By summarizing and reflecting, we create a compelling story that encapsulates their transformative experience.
  6. Developing an Action Plan As we conclude the session, our focus shifts to applying the insights practically. We collaboratively design an action plan that serves as a roadmap for integration and ongoing support, grounded in spiritual resonance.

Additional Techniques which I use to Enrich the Integration Process:

  • Bodywork: Utilizing physical movement to release emotional blockages and enhance physical well-being.
  • Breathing Techniques: Applying breath control to regulate emotional states and improve mental clarity.
  • Art Therapy: Leveraging creativity as a means for healing and expression.
  • Nature Connectedness & Grounding: Encouraging healing and grounding through direct contact with nature.
  • Meditation and Visualization/Storytelling based on Hero Journey: Deepening introspection and enriching narrative comprehension through meditative practices and hero journey.


  • MSc in Psychology SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Warsaw 2008 – 2015


  • BEYOND EXPERIENCE Psychedelic Integration Program – Mind Foundation
  • Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Training – Aya Healing Retreats
  • Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practicioner Training Certification – Aya Healing Retreats
  • Fundamental Elements of Work with the Body –  dance and movement therapy methods and the Laban / Bartenieff Movement System. – IBA Instytut Terapii Tancem i ruchem – Dance and movement therapy institute – Warsaw Poland
  • Altered and extreme states of consciousness – Difficult mental experiences in terms of Process Oriented Psychology 16 hours Training- Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Procesu ( Polish Association of Process Oriented Psychology ) – Warsaw Poland
  • Music and Art Therapy  – SensArte – Warsaw Poland

Anna Temczuk's offerings

Integration journey packages :

  • 1 integration session – 90 min : € 150 (regular price), € 100 (low income)
  • 4 Integration sessions  – 90 min each : € 550 (regular price), € 450 (low income)
  • 6 Integration sessions  – 90 min each : € 850 (regular price), € 750 (low income)

Preparation journey packages :

  • 1 preparation session – 60 min : € 100 (regular price), € 80 (low income)
  • 4 preparation sessions  – 60 min each : € 350 (regular price), € 300 (low income)
  • 6 Integration sessions  – 60 min each : € 600 (regular price), € 550 (low income)

1:1 Mentorship – 4 weeks Preparation and Integration Journey – € 900