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Transformational Life Coach, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Sound & Energy Practitioner

Chuck Roundtree

Dallas, Texas, USA

From 125$ USD/session


Sound Healing
Shamanic Practices


Grief And Major Life Transitions
LGBTQ+ Community
Relationship & Intimacy

About Chuck Roundtree

I approach my work with a full and open heart. I am committed to assisting others in shedding old patterns and beliefs through a process rooted in love and forgiveness in order for them to awaken to their authentic truth that they are love and deserve to live their best life possible.  I take the learned knowledge of my own personal life journey and inner work over the past 15 years as well as the 20 years of leading teams in the luxury fashion, beauty, and CPG industries and focused it all into my healing practice. Through my clairaudient and intuitive skills paired with compassionate inquiry and various healing modalities, I gently walk client’s back through life experiences to uncover missing pieces that once known can accelerate their healing process with the ultimate goal of wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.

My purpose is to support individuals along their journey of self-discovery, transformation, and trauma recovery, helping them restore a sense of self-love and kindness that may have been long forgotten. Many people are unaware that they hold the keys to their own healing, as life often moves at a rapid pace, causing them to become disconnected from themselves while simply trying to navigate through life. They unintentionally surrender their power to things that do not serve them, such as the effects of traumatic events, limiting and false beliefs, and substance abuse. My approach involves slowing down, cultivating curiosity about oneself and the reasons behind who you are, and building the courage to relentlessly seek unanswered questions, no matter what they may be.

I am driven to do this work because I believe that each of us is here to love and serve in our own unique way. My company, The Love Affect, was created to build awareness of the importance of loving one’s self fully in order to set yourself free and then extend a hand of love and support to others, inviting them to do the same.

Chuck Roundtree's approach to integration

Psychedelic integration is the bridge between the psychedelic journey and creating meaningful, life-changing impacts from it. While psychedelics can be a catalyst for making some incredible shifts in your life, they can also bring confusion, frustration, &/or trauma. These experiences can leave you wondering for days, months, or years about what it meant which will only slow down the potential healing benefits they offer. I can speak to that from personal experience since I had limited to no support during my plant medicine experiences. Being in partnership with an integration coach during my multiple journeys over the years would have been of great benefit to me which gave me cause to become certified as an integration coach. Having a guide during the medicine work makes a bigger difference than most might think.

In my role as a psychedelic integration coach and to ensure the best possible outcome, I offer:

Preparation:  Assisting individuals in preparing for their psychedelic experiences by helping them set intentions, establish a safe and supportive environment, and develop a mindset conducive to the exploration of their inner worlds.

Integration: After the psychedelic experience, I help the individual make sense of their insights, emotions, and revelations by providing a non-judgmental space for processing and integrating the experiences into daily life, helping them derive meaning and apply newfound insights to their personal growth and well-being.

Emotional Support: Psychedelic experiences can be intense and emotionally challenging. I offer emotional support and guidance, helping individuals navigate any difficult emotions or psychological issues that may arise during or after the experience.

Harm Reduction: I prioritize safety and harm reduction and help individuals understand potential risks associated with psychedelic use, provide guidance on dosage, and offer strategies for minimizing potential adverse effects.

Personal Growth and Transformation: I work with individuals to explore their goals and aspirations for personal growth, helping them integrate psychedelic experiences into their overall journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Healing self through plant medicines is all about building deeper awareness and acceptance of self along with having the support, love, compassion, and clarity on purpose to bring it all together and make it all happen.

The deepest psychological and spiritual dynamics potentially brought to our awareness during the ceremony require guidance, both before and after, for their full integration. 

Even participants who have lovely experiences may not derive the complete benefit without some guidance and help with interpretation.”

Dr Gabor Maté


  • Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach (Plant Spirit School)
  • Certified Holographic Sound Facilitator

Chuck Roundtree's offerings

  • $125 USD 60 min session (remote or in-person)
  • $450 USD package of 4 – 60 min sessions (remote or in-person)
  • Open for a 20-minute free consultation to ensure a solid match
  • If interested in Sound or Energy work, I have options available upon request