Psychedelic Books

The best way to reduce harm is by informing yourself. We have put together the best psychedelic books: from preparation to integration, to how to grow your own mushrooms or heal traumas.

Ayahuasca Reader

Ayahuasca Reader: an anthology of myths, songs, and stories documenting the spiritual experiences associated with…
Beyond The Narrow Life

Beyond The Narrow Life

“Beyond the Narrow Life” addresses deep themes inspired by the psychospiritual and therapeutic use of…

Body Autonomy

Body Autonomy explores the ideological wars on body autonomy and links War on Drugs tactics…
Changing our Minds

Changing Our Minds

Changing Our Minds offers an experiential journey through a revolution redefining our culture’s relationship with…

Ergot Alkaloids

Ergot Alkaloids provides a comprehensive overview of chemical compounds and the pharmacological potential of visionary…

Psychedelic Justice

“Psychedelic Justice” looks at the history of psychedelics, and discusses how to integrate psychedelics into…

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

This guide is accessible for both therapists and laypeople seeking guidelines on psychedelic drug-assisted psychotherapy….
Queering Psychedelics

Queering Psychedelics

“Queering Psychedelics” seeks to promote accessibility and diversity in the field of psychedelic science,…
The Bear is My Father: Indigenous Wisdom of a Muscogee Creek Caretaker of Sacred Ways

The Bear is My Father

“The Bear Is My Father” celebrates the life, teachings, and enduring impact of Marcellus Bear…

The Mind of Plants

“The Mind of Plants” compiles works from various disciplines into a collection that explores our…
The Rose of Paracelsus

The Rose of Paracelsus

Written over four years in maximum-security federal prison cells, The Rose of Paracelsus is a…

The Unfolding Self

In “The Unfolding Self” Ralph Metzner, PhD, identifies common dynamics and archetypes in transformative experiences.

TIHKAL: The Continuation

While “PIHKAL” delves into phenethylamines, “TIHKAL: The Continuation” explores tryptamines, a group of psychoactive drugs.
Vine of the Soul

Vine of the Soul

Vine of the Soul is a mystical photographic essay that explores the realm of Amazonian…
"Where the Gods Reign" offers a comprehensive anthropological survey of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem, including plant medicine.

Where The Gods Reign

“Where the Gods Reign” offers a comprehensive anthropological survey of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem, including…
Women and Psychedelics

Women and Psychedelics

Women and Psychedelics is a collection of essays highlighting the significant roles women have played…

If you want to further dive into the psychedelic field, we recommend you take part in one of our selected programs and courses. And if ou are looking to become a psychedelic therapist, check out this article.

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Psychedelic Books FAQ

Psychedelics Integration does not encourage or condone any illegal activities, including but not limited to the use of illegal substances. Our mission is to reduce harm and destigmatise psychedelics by informing and supporting people. Our professionals are there for you before or after a psychedelic experience, not during.