Tailored Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Support for Your Retreat Guests

Why should you include the preparation-integration model?

With the popularisation of psychedelics as a healing tool, steadily more people are attending retreats like yours to work through their problems, heal diagnoses, have a spiritual experience, and so on.

This growing diversity of people looking after psychedelic experiences is a beautiful thing, but it comes with its risks. As the retreat participation crowd becomes more unexperienced and with higher hopes, the risks and cares we need to take to ensure a safe and happy experience increase.

Working with us you can achieve:

  • Increased participant support and contention allowing them to make meaningful changes on their life and therefore providing a better customer experience.
  • Reduced risks with our screening and preparation services, allowing to screen people that may not be in the optimal condition for participating and decreasing the chance of adverse effects.
  • Continuous support after the experience, giving your clients the resources and support their need while you can rest assured that they are taken care by professional and experience caretakers.
  • A tailored and adopted program matching your needs and resources, we are here to listen and work with you, not to tell you how to do things.

What do we provide for Retreats?

We provide essential psychedelic preparation for your retreat participants, focusing on harm reduction and safety. This ensures that every individual is fully prepared for their journey, emphasising mental readiness and physical well-being to create a secure and supported experience.

Our post-retreat aftercare supports participants in integrating psychedelic insights for personal growth and assists in assimilating any challenging experiences, fostering resilience and understanding.

Drawings of Mushrooms

we offer innovative feedback collection tools designed specifically for your needs. These tools empower you to gather insightful feedback from participants effortlessly, allowing for ongoing evaluation and enhancement. Turn insights into action and watch your retreats transform into even more impactful journeys.

How can you apply as a Retreat?

  1. Send us a brief bio and answer this questionnaire with some information about you, your experiences and motivations and what do you need support with.
  2. We will invite you for an online interview, where we get to know you and outline our values and intentions. We will identify main objectives and support options, once agreed, we will plan out the process.
  3. We will work together with you to implement the support and to keep it running, the idea is that you don’t have any work on this and we will coordinate all the actors (clients, coaches and therapists).
  4. We will keep a constant contact with you to keep adapting and improving the service so we can fulfil all the primary and new needs that may arise.


We are based on the Harm Reduction Principle, providing a service that allows people to find information and support after and before consuming Psychedelics. We believe that information is key in order to avoid negative outcomes.

Psychedelic substances are illegal in several countries and therefore we don’t condone, encourage nor offer any substance-based experience. Not all of our coaches are licenced psychologists for every region we are active, therefore we keep the right to bring up to the coachee the need to reach out to certified medical assistance. We will try to provide certified state-approved institutions if this could benefit the coaches.

For more information about Harm Reduction in Psychedelics we encourage you to check this out: Responding to Difficult Psychedelic Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychedelics Integration does not encourage or condone any illegal activities, including but not limited to the use of illegal substances. Our mission is to reduce harm and destigmatise psychedelics by informing and supporting people. Our professionals are there for you before or after a psychedelic experience, not during.