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What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic integration is the important aftercare process of incorporating insights and experiences from psychedelic journeys into one’s daily life, fostering personal growth and emotional well-being. It is crucial as it helps individuals make sense of profound experiences, navigate challenges, and harness the transformative potential of psychedelics for lasting positive change.

Our mission

The interest in psychedelics is growing exponentially; mainstream newspapers, youtube, documentaries and research papers have multiplied in what has come to be the Psychedelic Renaissance. A large amount of research and optimism is being placed on the therapeutical use of psychedelics, at the same time, the underground movement has grown at a similar pace.

We offer support to people who have or are thinking of going through a Psychedelic Experience. These experiences can be highly enriching, but are not without dangers – we therefore connect you with carefully vetted psychedelic preparation and integration specialists. We believe in the harm reduction principle, and our mission is to give you clear and relevant information and help you find the perfect one-on-one support for you.

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“I  have worked with Paul over the last two months and it is a great gift that i can be supported by him. He has great experience and a calm and centered being. Since we have our calls and the practices i do with him, my mind is much calmer and can rest in the present moment more often. I can recommend Paul from my heart!!!.”



“Lenna has been an incredible coach who really helped me a lot with my integration process. I’m super thankful to have worked with her and would recommend her anytime.”



“Wolfgang helped me in a moment of severe crisis. He has profound knowledge and skill in coping with crises and creating meaningful new perspectives and narratives for growth and healing. He connected to me deeply and helped me integrate a very difficult psychedelic experience. It turned out to be an opportunity of existential growth and re-stabilisation. Wolfgang has the heart and soul for this work. I can fully recommend him.”


Berlin, Germany

“I have often been struggling with the integration after ayahuasca ceremonies, not knowing how to handle the emotions that had been stirred up. Jana has been doing a tremendous job at guiding me better understand and work with my shadows. I’m very grateful for all she has given me.”


London, U.K.