Psychedelics Integration

You're not alone in your journey

Why Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic Integration: gate to self discovery

Psychedelics have been in everybody's mouth; mainstream newspapers, youtube, documentaries and research papers have multiplied in what has come to be the “Psychedelic Renaissance”. While a large amount of research and optimism is being placed on the medical use of psychedelics, the underground movement has grown with a similar speed.

We want to offer support to people that may have been or are thinking of going through a Psychedelic Experience in that way. We believe that these experiences can be highly enriching, but are not without dangers - that’s why we offer support on the preparation and integration of these experiences. We believe in the harm reduction principle, and our mission is to give you clear and relevant information and help you find the perfect one-on-one support for you.

We do not offer any kind of retreat, substance or direct experience on this platform, nor will we share any information (documents and links to providers, leads, etc.) about these. For more info check our Disclaimer.

How does integration work?

Are you thinking about having or have you just had an experience you would like to integrate? We want to make it easy for you to find information about different approaches and ways of doing this on our Blog, or you can search for the coach that fits your profile and interests and book a session.

We will process the booking and send you the payment details and link for the online consultation. 

Do you have any questions or are you not sure where to start? Do not hesitate to reach out to

Psychedelic Integration: altered states of consciousness
Qualified and experienced coaches
Our Clients speak
I have often been struggling with the integration after ayahuasca ceremonies, not knowing how to handle the emotions that had been stirred up. Jana has been doing a tremendous job at guiding me better understand and work with my shadows. I’m very grateful for all she has given me.
Wolfgang helped me in a moment of severe crisis. He has profound knowledge and skill in coping with crises and creating meaningful new perspectives and narratives for growth and healing. He connected to me deeply and helped me integrate a very difficult psychedelic experience. It turned out to be an opportunity of existential growth and re-stabilisation. Wolfgang has the heart and soul for this work. I can fully recommend him.
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