Counsellor (spiritual, trauma, stress & grief) and Plant Medicine Preparation + Integration Specialist

Marijntje Lazet

Leiden, Netherlands

From 95€/session


San Pedro


Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
Psychotherapeutic coaching
Somatic Awareness
Somatic Interventions
Trauma Informed
Existential therapy
Grief counselling
Positive Psychology
Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Areas of expertise

Breaking Patterns
Life Transitions
Nervous System Regulation
Spiritual Guidance
Trauma Informed


Certified Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner (SPMI)

About Marijntje Lazet

Being introduced to psychoactive plants 10 years ago has been a true blessing.

But, looking back, my journey would have been less rocky with adequate preparation and after-care (or ‘integration’) support.

This realization turned out to be the inspiration to provide professional guidance and support to make your journey go smoother than mine.

I have been trained as a Counsellor, with a special focus on spiritual, grief, stress and trauma-related issues.

When I started offering online Counselling sessions, I soon noticed that most of my clients who came back from Plant Medicine ceremonies and retreats also experienced difficulties successfully integrating these experiences into their everyday lives.

After finishing multiple plant medicine integration training programs, I decided to specialize in offering somatic plant medicine Preparation and Integration support. Also embedding my own ‘hands-on’ experience after starting my Plant Medicine journey over 100 ceremonies ago.

“Embodied integration is when the plant medicine experience becomes not just an idea or an insight, but a lived experience”

The past few years, I have been working online from my private Counselling practice in Leiden (a little town on the Dutch West Coast), successfully supporting clients from all over the world.
I warmly welcome you to Practice Lazet.

Marijntje Lazet's approach to integration

Next to all-round Counselling, I offer 1-hour sessions to support the preparation and integration of your plant-based psychedelic experience.

What can you expect from a Preparation session?

During preparation sessions, I offer private guidance to support the preparation for your ceremony in the weeks prior. You might have already planned a Plant Medicine ceremony or retreat abroad and want to touch base with me for suggestions on how to best prepare for this.

Perhaps working on intuitively ‘anchoring down’ an intention or issue you would like to work with, or discussing practical preparation tips and ‘best practices’. I will also provide a safe container for the questions or worries that you may have for you to navigate this psychedelic experience in a safe and confident way.

What happens during an Integration session?

During integration sessions, I offer private after-care, a safe container for questions, concerns, or challenging experiences and practical tools and somatic exercises to fully translate, anchor, and embody the wisdom gained in the altered state of consciousness.

My objective is to support you in sustaining the transformation and change in your everyday life in a way that lasts. To maximize the benefits.

For example, with choosing a new career path or overall sense of ‘purpose’, taking better care of yourself, or striving for a more conscious relationship with your loved ones.


  • All-round Counsellor
  • Grief Counsellor
  • Stress Counsellor


  • ICEERS Integration Specialist Training
  • Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training

Marijntje Lazet's offerings

  • 1x 60-minute session for 95 euro
  • 2x 60-minute sessions for 170 euro (see combination package below)
  • 3x 60-minute sessions for 225 euro (see free of-choice package below)

I) Combination package (Preparation + Integration session)

For those who are going to multiple-day plant medicine ceremonies or longer retreats abroad, I find that clients often want to book a combination of sessions.

Therefore, I am offering a package of 1 Preparation session and 1 Integration session.

This package includes 2 x 60-minute sessions.

Price: 170* euro (and 85 euro per session).

After every second session, you have the option to renew this package. Note: only valid if paid all at once.

II) Free of Choice Package: 3 sessions.

For those who are going to multiple-day plant medicine ceremonies or longer retreats abroad, I find that clients often want to book multiple preparation and/or integration sessions.

Therefore, I decided to offer a package including 3 sessions of 60 minutes each. And you can choose the exact number of Preparation and/or Integration sessions you would like to schedule.

Price: 255* euro (and 85 euro per session).

After every third session, you have the option to renew this package. Note: only valid if paid all at once.

*Included in the price is a brief report of the key elements/harvest that came out of your session that I will write afterwards (in 20-30 minutes) and email to you.