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Holistic, trauma-informed, compassion-centered, somatically-oriented mindfulness based psychedelic preparation & integration coaching

Simone MacKay

Koh Phangan, Thailand

From 80€/session


Somatic Interventions
Nature-Based Practices

Areas of expertise

Being at a Cross-Roads
Navigating Change
Natural Health & Wellness
Spiritual Guidance


Life Transitions
Trauma Informed
Holistic Health
Anti-Oppression Approach

About Simone MacKay

Drawing from my own transformational journey, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to enriching your life through a unique blend of coaching, yoga, and nature-based practices. As a third culture kid with a passion for contributing to meaningful change, my path initially led me to explore the intricacies of the human experience through social work and activism.

Rooted in a diverse cultural foundation, I embraced a life of travel, becoming a wellness advocate, yoga teacher, and retreat leader across five continents. Founding the School of Sacred Arts and Somah Journeys, I’ve guided many wellness programs, yoga teacher training, and plant medicine immersions, nurturing a global community of yoga and wellness enthusiasts as well as plant medicine explorers.

Beyond the human realm, my yearning to connect with nature led me to life-altering vision quests and interspecies communication explorations, fostering a profound relationship with the Earth community. My love for plants blossomed through aromatherapy studies, later guiding me to facilitate transformative journeys with entheogenic Amazonian and Andean plant medicines. During intensive solitary periods, I immerse myself in ceremony with contemplative practices and master plant teachers, deepening my connection to Spirit and nature.

Guided by indigenous and non-indigenous medicine keepers, I’ve sat with revered elders, delving into the sacred teachings of healing. My expertise in these realms, coupled with trauma-informed care, ensures a safe space for individuals to explore this remarkable world of healing. I am committed to creating welcoming spaces for self-exploration and authentic connection to one’s inner being.

Drawing guidance from Ayurveda and Vedic wisdom, I harmonize with the greater universe, inspiring remedies for your evolution. With a profound reverence for this magnificent planet, I embrace my role as a dedicated student of life, guiding you towards profound healing, belonging, and growth within yourself and the Earth community.

I draw inspiration from the gifts of plant medicine work, yoga, meditation practices, and other holistic healing modalities providing support before and after plant medicine ceremonies to facilitate integration and a true embodiment of the treasures available within and revealed by Mother Nature.

Simone MacKay's approach to integration

Embarking on a journey with plant medicine can evoke a mix of emotions – excitement, curiosity, and sometimes nervousness. I understand those feelings all too well. I’ve been there, feeling the butterflies fluttering in my stomach before entering the sacred ceremony space. I have always known that I needed to support others on their transformative path.

In our work together, I guide you through the intricate tapestry of your experiences during and after the ceremony. We explore the visions and insights revealed within our own consciousness by the plants. More than just making sense of it all, we aim for integration – fully embodying the wisdom and healing gifted to you, making it a lasting part of your being.

During our sacred sessions, we’ll work with the intelligence of your body, creating lasting changes and new ways of BEing. Whether you’re exploring plant medicine for the first time or seeking to deepen your connection, I’m here to hold space for your journey. Your work begins before entering a ceremony space or psychedelic experience and deepens in the integration phase. I’m here to support you throughout if you choose.

Through pre-ceremony practices, we’ll discover if this path is genuinely calling you, aligning intentions, and finding the right path. I’ll support you in choosing the most appropriate psychedelic or plant medicine for your unique needs. Through somatic and embodiment practices, we’ll explore ways to support the rewiring of your system at all levels and together, we’ll prepare your mind, body, heart, and soul, ensuring you’re supported in a safe and trustworthy environment.

The integration process goes beyond the individual; it touches every aspect of your life. We’ll explore changes in behaviour, diet, life choices, and relationships to create a lasting effect on your well-being. If painful memories or traumas resurface, I’ll help you navigate them with self-regulation, and potentially explore the next steps with an appropriate therapist.

Returning home after a profound experience can be challenging, especially when friends and family struggle to understand your transformation or desire for change. I’ll be here to support you through that transition, helping you find strength and clarity on your path.

With your inner being and plant medicine wisdom as our guides, I help you align to a new way of heart-full BEing that honours, respects and supports your well being with that of the entire living Earth community. Our time together is a precious gift. Let’s embark on this sacred journey together.


  • BSW (Bachelor’s degree in Social Work)
  • ERYT 500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher at 500hr level with Yoga Alliance)
  • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)
  • Trauma Awareness certification with Union, Relational Healing & Trauma Recovery Institute (50 hour certification – IACTM – International Association of Coaches, Therapists, Mentors)


I have additional training and certificates in a large range of holistic health practices including trauma informed somatic-based & mindfulness coaching, trauma-informed plant medicine facilitation & integration, yoga (yin, hatha, vinyasa), advanced yoga nidra studies with multiple main schools, certified aromatherapy, certified reflexology, energy healing, massage, cranio-sacral work, shamanic practices, and so on.

Simone MacKay's offerings

  • 120€ per session
  • 80-120€ Sliding scale (Accessibility is important to me. Therefore if someone has financial limitations, I’m open to offering a sliding scale.)
  • Specializing in pre- and post-ceremony prep & integration:
    2 Session package – 230€
  • Coaching packages for deeper ongoing work:
    10 session package – 1000€