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Psychotherapist & Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Practicioner

Tanja Braunwart

Schifferstadt, Germany

From 90€/session


Deep Listening
Interpersonal Therapy
Meeting clients where they are at
Nervous System Regulation
Somatic Awareness
Trauma Informed

Areas of expertise

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Complex PTSD
Domestic & Sexual Violence
Panic Attacks
Shadow Work
Spiritual Guidance



About Tanja Braunwart

Even as a child, I had questions that adults couldn’t answer.

I would always describe myself as an earnest seeker. Someone who wanted to understand the essence of our existence and world in all its facets.

On my own journey, I have been given the gift of seeing who we truly are behind our roles, masks, abilities, conditioning and definitions. Our true self.

I live and work from this neutral space of the absolute, of pure existence.

Tanja Braunwart's approach to integration

Overall we’ll take an individual approach.

In our work, we follow your flow and not any concepts or theories. 

From the place of true being, we look at your personal journey and experiences.

I create and hold a safe space, where everything is allowed to be.

In each moment, it will show which level is accessible and right for you, on a consciousness, energy and body level.

To reconnect you with your true self. To deepen your psychedelic experience.

To enter the psychedelic experience in the best mindset, it is always valuable to experience your true self beforehand.

In my work, it has been shown that it could be necessary to translate the pictures and emotions given by the medical experience into a language your mind can grab.

In this way you not only get in deeper contact with the medicines’ wisdom, but you can also integrate its wisdom into your being more consciously.


  • Holistic Practitioner in Psychotherapy 

Tanja Braunwart's offerings

Reach out to me if you are interested in a bundle. We will create the perfect one for you.

If you are earning a low income, reach out, and we will arrange a reduced rate.