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Psychologist & Sexologist; Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Specialist

Yulfriana Karen Borremans

Mafra, Portugal

From 70€/session


Creative Expression
Heart Centered Coach
Shamanic Practices

Areas of expertise

Life Transitions
Couple Therapy
Sexual Orientation
Transcultural Themes
Intergenerational Trauma

About Yulfriana Karen Borremans

Karen Yulfriana (She/Her, Them/They) – Born in Belgium with Indonesian roots, my name represents my origins. As a devoted student of the philosophy of living, I explore the meaning of ‘consciousness‘.

From my own vulnerability, authenticity, and connection with myself, I engage with people who are walking parts of the path of self-actualization
together with me.

After exploring my peaks, valleys, and inner landscapes amid robust and pristine nature, my journey, with many bumps and hurdles, has brought me closer to my authentic self.
This translates into a balanced therapeutic and body-oriented practice deeply rooted in science, with Western and Eastern spiritual and philosophical influences and knowledge of shamanistic practices.

My clients describe me as authentic, warm, intuitive, open, and empathetic (soft), but also adventurous and sometimes confronting (wild).
My approach is person-centred, focusing on connection and looking at a person’s needs – moment to moment.

Stay soft, stay wild.

Yulfriana Karen Borremans's approach to integration

Integration is not a one-off, time-bound event. It is part of a broader and perhaps lifelong process which helps us rethink and evaluate our values, the systems we are part of, and our ever-changing sense of self.

I accompany you in the process of making meaning of any experience but will meet you where you are and feel what you need, moment to moment. I like to work with different modalities and combine different therapeutic approaches intuitively and according to the present moment’s needs.
Through conversations, mindfulness meditation, body-oriented exercises, creative techniques, and earth-centred practices, I will help you remember, give structure and meaning, and ultimately help integrate your experiences into your daily life and personal narrative.
Together, we will work on understanding these experiences and utilizing them as sources of
positive change.

I believe that a psychedelic experience can bring profound change in someone’s life, and therefore has an effect on the system you are a part of (your family, your romantic relationship). Therefore I also welcome partners and family members to be part of this integration process.

I also believe the psychedelic experience can give you deep insights into how you stand in your relationships, your body and sexuality, therefore I also welcome couples who want to integrate their (collective or individual) experiences together.


  • Ba Clinical Psychology- Kuleuven
  • Ma Clinical psychology- KuLeuven
  • Ma Sexology- KuLeuven
  • Postgrad Systemic work with couples – Interactie Academie
  • Psychedelic Integration therapy- MIND Foundation


  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – ACT Academie
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in trauma- ACT Academie
  • Shamanistic Practitioner Training- Beata Alfoldi
  • Soul coaching- Plant Medicine & Breathwork

Yulfriana Karen Borremans's offerings

  • Flexible
  • Average 70€ per individual session
  • 75€ per couple
  • Portugal: 55€
  • Central Europe: 70€
  • USA: 80€
  • 6 weeks integration support: 400€