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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach with Psychology Background

Floris Wolswijk

Anna Paulowna, Netherlands

From 85€/session


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Set & Settings
Sports and Nutrition

Areas of expertise

Breaking Blockages
Lecturer in the Area of Psychedelics
Limiting Beliefs

About Floris Wolswijk

Floris has a background in psychology and entrepreneurship. After studying psychology at Erasmus University, he started his own business. There, he gained eight years of experience in managing an e-commerce company. Floris has been driven for years by getting the most out of life.

Floris is a calm and experienced presence in the preparation and integration coaching. You can mirror your ideas with him without judgment in a safe environment.

Floris has been personally familiar with psychedelics for seven years. In addition to having gained a lot from these experiences himself, he is also the man behind a para-academic website (Blossom) that closely monitors scientific developments.

The new doors that psychedelics open are a constant inspiration to him. One of his greatest passions is how these insights can be converted into long-term positive impact.

Floris Wolswijk's approach to integration

Floris employs the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) framework as a cornerstone of his coaching methodology. This evidence-based approach emphasizes mindfulness, acceptance, and value-driven action—elements that resonate deeply with the psychedelic experience. By fostering psychological flexibility, Floris helps you adapt and integrate the profound insights gained from your psychedelic journey into actionable life changes.

As a client, you’ll find Floris to be a calm and experienced presence throughout your preparation and integration process. He offers a judgment-free zone where you can safely mirror your thoughts and ideas, ensuring that the new doors opened by your psychedelic experiences translate into long-term positive impacts.


  • Bachelor & Masters in Psychology from the Erasmus University


  • Beyond Experience (integration) from the MIND Foundation

Floris Wolswijk's offerings

  • 85€ per hour
  • 3 sessions for €240