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Holistic Therapist | Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coach


Mexico, MX

From 88$ USD/session


Couples Counselling
Creative Expression
Holistic Psychology
Nervous System Regulation
Ritual & Ceremony

Areas of expertise

Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Facilitator of Psychedelic Integration Groups
Identity Exploration
Limiting Beliefs
Spiritual Guidance

About Ju

I started exploring and understanding people through their motivations, lifestyles and buying journeys (marketing); I evolved my path to specialize in personal development, discovering my vocation to accompany people, facilitate their processes and support them in the face of whatever may arise.

Based on my own experience, and what I observed in different contexts (shamanic, therapeutic, medical, recreational, etc.), I chose to accompany those who seek relief, exploration and/or evolution through psychedelics. My intention is to provide you with information and guidance so that you can choose the most appropriate process for you, responsibly and consistently with yourself.

More than being an expert, I am an explorer who with each discovery finds an infinite number of paths to explore. With each learning, more questions arise, and with it, infinite possibilities to evolve.

I share my answers with you, and also my questions. I’ll go with you to explore!

Ju's approach to integration

The methodology I use for integration is based on the existential-phenomenological approach, which invites us to immerse ourselves in a deeper understanding of the experience, starting from conceiving in depth what we are, how we relate to others, and how we give meaning and conduct ourselves through life. It is a fundamentally descriptive and collaborative methodology, which proposes an honest dialogue to bring us closer to understanding our experiences and our existence.

I am convinced that a holistic view is the most appropriate to carry out a process of integration of any non-ordinary experience of consciousness. For me, it is an honour to have the opportunity to guide you in integrating your process, combining mind, body and soul.

Let’s remember together the path back to love.


  • Existential Phenomenology Coach
  • Psychonautical Accompaniment ABC
  • Therapeutic Integration of Psychedelic Experiences


  • Psychedelic Science (Denver, 2023)
  • Microdosis de plantas ancestrales
  • Hatha – Vinaya Yoga Instructor
  • Vinyasa – Bhakti Yoga Instructor
  • Meditation & Yoga Nidra Instructor
  • Meditation and Quantum Healing
  • Reiki Healer
  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator
  • Numerology
  • Angelic Akashic Records
  • Power Yoga Instructor

Ju's offerings

  • Book 4 sessions for $286 USD