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Psychedelic Preparation, Navigation and Integration Guide

Isabel Santis

Alameda, California, USA

From 175$ USD/session


Ancestral Indigenous Knowledge Techniques
Art Therapy
Connecting to Nature & Mother Earth
Deep Listening
Emotional Release Techniques
Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
Meaning Making
Mindfulness Meditation
Sustainable Goal Setting

Areas of expertise

Breaking Patterns
Life Transitions
Limiting Beliefs
Nervous System Regulation
Shadow Work
Shamanic Techniques
Trauma Informed

About Isabel Santis

Hi!  My name is Isabel. I have been learning to navigate expanded states since 1995, initially through dreams and shamanic journeying. I specialise in helping folks prepare their whole system (mind, psyche, and body) to navigate the psychedelic journey with agency and skill; to support their process of making meaning of their experience beyond the superficial layers; and create actionable plans for implementing sustainable positive changes in their lives. I love to go deep in individual sessions and work in groups, where we can engage the collective intelligence and co-create learning experiences. I believe that the purpose of integration is to help us transform insights into new ways of being in the world by embodying and practising skills and exercising individual agency.

I started working intentionally with psychedelics in 2005 and trained with Zendo in 2012.  In 2014, I had a transformative experience holding space for a participant at Burning Man and realised I had found my calling. I decided to pursue this work full-time in 2018 when I went back to school to pursue my PhD in East-West Psychology at CIIS. In addition to my PhD work, I have an MA in Transformative Leadership, am a Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Coach, an Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy practitioner, an Eco-psychologist, and a Shamanic practitioner in the Maya Ki’che’ tradition. The subject of my PhD dissertation is “The Effect of Psychedelics on People’s Experience of Eco-Anxiety”.

Isabel Santis's approach to integration

My process is a non-clinical approach, and it draws from my training in positive psychology, coaching, eco-psychology, somatic therapy, IFS, depth psychology, and expressive arts, as well as my practice in the Maya K’iche spiritual lineage. I’ve developed my approach after holding over 500 group and individual preparation, navigation, and integration sessions.

I tailor each private session to the specific needs of my client.  This can mean choosing and vetting the right retreat centre, preparing for a solo journey, developing the skills to engage with inner parts during a session, or learning somatic techniques to work with difficult experiences. Above all, I help my clients transform insights from their journeys into positive, sustainable changes in their lives.

For group sessions, I’ve developed an approach that is a combination of self-inquiry, group process, and mastermind. This provides my clients with a safe container for inner inquiry and connection while leveraging the collective wisdom and insight of the group.


  • PhD(C) in East-West Psychology.  Expected graduation Fall 2024
  • MA in Transformative Leadership
  • Trauma-Informed Coach Certification
  • Positive Psychology Coach Certification
  • EFT 1-2 Training


  • Ethical Psychedelic Care, Synthesis Institute, (2024)
  • Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly, Institute for Noetic Sciences, (2023)
  • Diversity, Consciousness, and Social Justice in Psychedelics, Chacruna, (2023)
  • The River Course, Joe Tafur, 2022
  • Consciousness Medicine, Comprehensive 2-year program, School of Consciousness Medicine, Incomplete (2021-2022)
  • Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness, Susana Bustos, CIIS (2020)

Isabel Santis's offerings

  • 5-sessions for $800