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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Specialist

Julia Bamberg

Mallorca, Spain

From 180€/session


Shamanic Practices
Systemic Therapy
Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
Mindful leadership

About Julia Bamberg

For many years, working as a leadership coach and HR Development Specialist in the corporate world I thought it was impossible to combine my so-called second life of spirituality and self-development with the business world. Until I learned that it is possible. Even more than that, it seems necessary, but in the right dosage.

My self-development path started around the age of 18 when I first got into contact with meditation. From there on I tried a lot, from Reiki to Theta Healing, from Yoga to Mindfulness. I followed many courses out of curiosity even though they had nothing to do with my work life. Piece by piece I was getting to know myself better and learning how to love all of my inner parts, shadows and lights, and the changes life brings.

Within the last years, I dove deeper into being a so-called psychonaut myself. What I found was more profound, more connecting with myself, others, and nature than anything I was able to see and learn before. The knowledge to be found in the altered states of consciousness, substance-induced or not, for me is something I would wish for everybody to be experienced.

Currently, I’m a student of the Psychedelic Therapy Training of the AWE Foundation, which will lead to a master’s degree in Psychedelic Therapy for me. Besides the scientific side being in contact with indigenous tribes and taking the medicines where they have their origin is very important to me. Therefore I travel on a regular basis to different parts of the world to deepen my knowledge, work with elders and keep exploring myself.

Next to offering psychedelic preparation and integration coaching, I am an experienced psychedelic guide. I work regularly as a guide and facilitator on different retreats (e.g. SET & SETTING RETREAT in Holland) with individual clients and psychedelic substances.

Furthermore, I offer regular Group Integrations for the Psychedelic Society Hamburg, I’m a member of the MIND Foundation and the Chacruna Institute.

And I’m a co-host of the Podcast “Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics”.

Julia Bamberg's approach to integration

Even though the integrations onsite within retreats can be for sure very helpful, the real challenge in my eyes begins when we go back to our “normal” life, where family, friends, and work did not change, but we feel much different. This might make us feel like aliens since oftentimes we can’t talk about the things we got to know or saw with our loved ones and friends. It might feel that our point of view on the whole world has changed, our values may be changed and there is so much we would like to change from now on.

That is the point we as integration coaches help the coachee by listening, helping to find the right words and the framing, and also helping to implement changes in life at the right pace for the coachee.

Coming from a systemic point of view my coachee is the expert himself. I trust the knowledge and innate wisdom the coachee has.

Preparing for a psychedelic experience it’s not only about finding an intention and being aware of possible contraindications, but also about the right preparation mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Regarding the integration, after the experience, I work with different techniques from systemic interventions, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, and breathwork, but also with shamanic practices and bodywork. For me, integration starts with remembering what has happened or what was revealed in the psychedelic experience.

We then bring it into the coachee’s right context (or accept that some things are ineffable and have still an effect on an unconscious level) before working out which parts should be integrated and how this could work out.


  • M.A. Speech Communication & Rhetoric
  • Systemic Consultant & Therapist
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • Couple & Family Therapist
  • Mindful Leadership Trainer
  • Breathwork Trainer
  • Kambo Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Coach


  • M.A. Psychedelic Therapy (in training)

Julia Bamberg's offerings

  • Open for a 20 minute free pre-call consultation
  • Available for online sessions
  • 180€ per hour
  • Bundle of 3h for 429€