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Guide & Support in the Pre & Post Psychedelic processes

Alberto Yarleke


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Transpersonal Psychology
Shamanic Practices
Frequency Therapy

About Alberto Yarleke

I was born in the Q’ichua Native Community in Peru.

On my father’s side, my Ancestors are from the Amazon, and on my mother’s side they are from the Andes; the shamanic arts for me is the umbilical cord.

The generational umbilical cord keeps me directly connected to the root of my lineage, and I received this blessing when I was a child and directly from my Grandparents.

Since I was an infant I have been very sensitive to the world of subtle energy; which was very difficult for my mind to integrate for many years (mainly since my grandparents left this world) and I moved to the city.

That complicated situation led me to experience a period of addiction during my adolescence until an accident verge of death that helped me to open myself to other non-physical dimensions of my energy, and from then on I began to gradually discover what is the purpose of my spirit in this life.

Sometime later – I started to travel to some countries in South America, basically, I was following the voice of my spirit; I could be aware of that.

And during that odyssey (of about 8 consecutive years) I had the wonderful opportunity to collect different teachings in different energy fields, consciousness, and mind, I had the honour to receive directly from the hands of true Grandfathers and Grandmothers (elders/ancestors).

Grandfathers and Grandmothers (elders) of Tradition, the Medicine that they carried (the “technique” that they practised and that they had inherited from their ancestors).

After that time, I arrived in Mexico, where the odyssey continued, and I met the Wixárika Community (“Huicholes”) and walked with them (particularly with 2 Mara’akames / shamans) for 5 consecutive years, and in the end, I was also initiated by this Lineage / Culture.

Subsequently, I was trained -strongly- also for several years by a Mayan priest; later I was taken to the Circle of the Sun Dance, of the Diné / Lakhota Tradition-Culture – also for 5 consecutive years.

During the intervals of this training of my Native origin, I was also introduced to the world of Transpersonal psychology, Anthropology of the Self, and Vedic Meditation among other activities.

At present, and if I had to “define” the working methods I use, I would opt for two pillars: Transpersonal psychology and Shamanism.

Shamanism; takes into account that each source encloses in itself a unique perspective, however, each one is also included in an interpersonal vision, where the experiences of life’s journey can be integrated and explored in the multi-dimensionality of one’s own Self.

Native Plants + Transpersonal Psychology + Congruent Integration = Healing, development/evolution.

Alberto Yarleke's approach to integration

The process of integration is a journey of discovery and understanding about the various aspects that make up our personality, and how each one of them interacts simultaneously on a multidimensional level.

Particularly during and after the appropriate use of substances that alter our states of perception it is essential to have a trained source of support and guidance; as there will be psychological, emotional, existential, and energetic consequences, derived from the psychedelic session.

At this point, one of the most relevant approaches to the integration process is to be willing to see things as they are and to let go of fear or arrogance in order to recognize our own truth, empathize and recognize the interdependence of opposites, and to accept the transience of things.

These steps will help us to gradually discover that the experience of existence contains a much deeper meaning than we can see or think.

Another aspect of importance to consider within the integration process after a psychedelic experience: The Motive / for which the patient took the session; since -although not in its totality- largely those motives may define the theme, they will “point out the directions to go”, they will open deep memories, fears, shadows, censured desires; everything that is “obstructing” our evolutionary development.

During the sessions I facilitate with millenary healing plants, many patients overflow in an effect of “refraction” where every tiny part of their personality / conscious, subconscious, and unconscious is separated from Their Own beliefs of “I am…” and from this many things happen, (the subject is really very broad).

I will summarize by saying: …the point is that after a ceremony / a full-blown mystical experience, the rational system of the mind does not know how to understand it logically; and it is precisely here where the energetic doors open to enter into other dimensions of consciousness – through the energy that is worked on during the integration sessions.

This is why I stress the importance of the process after the encounter with psychedelics; since it is of vital significance to recapitulate the whole scenario in order to develop an experiential experience of changes and improvements in the areas that need to be healed, understood, and transformed, integrated and transcended, towards a state of consciousness more integrated with nature and the harmony of life.


  • National Institute of Transpersonal Psychology – Mexico
  • National Association of Anthropology of the Self – Peru


  • Ancestral Shamanism – Inka, Mayan, Native North American

Alberto Yarleke's offerings

  • 100 USD per session, starting with 3 sessions