Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Specialist, Trauma-informed Therapist and Psychiatrist

Inês Carmo

Lisbon, Portugal

From 90€/session




Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Connecting to Nature & Mother Earth
Evidence-Based Therapeutic Techniques
Holistic Psychology
Integration Coaching
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Talk Therapy
Trauma Informed

Areas of expertise

Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Lecturer in the Area of Psychedelics
Natural Health & Wellness
Nervous System Regulation
Trauma Informed

About Inês Carmo

I entered this field due to my personal history of psychological suffering. Being a Highly Sensitive Person, for as long as I can remember, I often found myself in a state of dysregulation. I experienced burnout during medical school, providing me with a firsthand encounter with mental health stigma. I am actively shaping this experience from shame to resilience and compassion.

I approach life with reverence and awe for the potent forces that shape nature and, consequently, ourselves. Therefore, I am learning to nurture both my inner islands of strength and my spaces of vulnerability, allowing my inner ecosystem to thrive rather than forcing it into a perfectly pruned Zen garden.

I increasingly value the phenomenology or lived experience of each individual, fostering an empathetic, and non-judgmental approach. Clients often describe me as authentic, warm, spontaneous, and honest. I share feedback and knowledge according to your needs and desires, as I thrive on empowering people, countering the sometimes closed-off approach of traditional medical doctors.

I am currently working both in Lisbon, in my private practice, and in the first Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Clinic in Portugal, Liminal Minds. I offer in-person and online services of harm reduction, preparation and integration sessions; that also include psychiatric services, integration and holistic therapy.

Inês Carmo's approach to integration

Drawing from both my medical and therapeutic expertise, along with my profound connection to the earth and its wisdom, I bring a holistic approach to your transformation process. Psychedelic therapy merges both entheogenic forces, with the required scientific knowledge to safely navigate and integrate psychedelic states. Lately, I have been particularly drawn to eco-somatic therapy and the study of ancient mythology and shamanistic practices.

You can expect an approach that combines knowledge from my personal experience as a curious explorer and student, and my formal education. That will include health optimization techniques, talk therapy, bodily and trauma-informed exercises, nature rituals, mindfulness, and breathwork, amongst others. There is no fixed plan – every person is unique, and my main focus is to respect and value your own alterity and your subjective experience, so exploration can be done with safety, curiosity and co-regulation.



  • Masters in Medicine by the University of Porto, Portugal
  • Medical Doctor specialising in Adult Psychiatry
  • Certified Integration Therapist by MIND Foundation
  • Holistic Therapist (certified advanced courses on CBT, interpersonal therapy and somatic therapy for trauma)


  • Co-founder of SPACE Portugal, a scientific organization fostering psychedelic therapy investigation and literacy
  • Published author of the book “Psychedelics for Mental Health [Psicadélicos em Saúde Mental, LIDEL], publised in April of 2023

Inês Carmo's offerings

  • 4 sessions – 320€
  • 5 sessions – 375€