A holistic, compassionate, intuitive, mindful (and “heart-full”) approach to psychedelic preparation & integration

Troy McFadden

Carrapateira, Portugal

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San Pedro
Salvia Divinorum


Somatic Awareness
Trauma Informed


Life Transitions
Spiritual Leadership
Emotional Stewardship

About Troy McFadden

Recently described, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as “a psychedelic socialist gypsy jester” and “an elder-in-training” I am absolutely serious about humbly contributing to the sacred relationship between psychedelics and humans, deeply passionate about earth stewardship, soul guidance and Spirit connection, and fully committed to serving all beings who cross my path, in the best way I can, in every moment possible.

“See the Light?”

According to my mother, this was my very first complete phrase, in the form of a question. Or perhaps it was a declarative statement. Hard to say, but in hindsight, it seems highly symbolic, perhaps an early expression of my soul’s purpose: supporting, helping, and guiding others to do just that.

Much later, during a vision quest, a similar thing was shown to me, a voice speaking to me in the desert (I know, how biblical): “Shine Brightly so that others may Brightly Shine”. Now, the wonky grammar might be due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten, spoken, or listened to any other person in days, but the message was clear, and I have subsequently adopted it as a mantra.

First, though, I had to learn to see the light in my own soul. I had to learn what keeps that brightness shining, how to nurture and care for it with kindness and self respect, and how to honor the gift that it is. I also had to learn to “See the Dark”, to be with my shadow side fully and completely—and that only took another decade or two. Historically, I have not been a quick learner. But once I finally know, I know.

I know that if I can do it, you can do it. I know that you already know. Deep down, you know you are here to follow your inner guidance, read the signs and symbols presented to you in the lower, middle, and upper worlds, and manifest your destiny, whatever that may be. You know you must or you will never feel truly whole and complete.

On some level, you know that everything that is, has ever been, or ever will be in your life is an opportunity to help you wake up, an invitation to come home. To what you truly are. And knowing this, it is possible to live in a constant state of gratitude for everything. Every. Single. Thing. Yes, even that. Especially that. You know, intuitively, that living in gratitude is the surest, quickest way to see your most noble intentions and aspirations bloom all around you.

If you are willing to commit, contact me. I’ll meet you where you’re at. From there, we’ll move forward and go deeper, together. Soon enough, you too will “See the Light”.

Troy McFadden's approach to integration

“That happened; now what?” is my succinct way of defining the initial stage of integration. What are you going to do with what you experienced? How will you meet any remaining challenges and manifest whatever insights, visions or guidance you have received?

Let’s back up a bit. While being under the influence of the medicine is hugely powerful in and of itself for many reasons (it induces catharsis, cleansing and purifying while creating new neural pathways, all while lessening if not removing us from our habits, patterns and belief systems for the duration of the session and the “afterglow” period) many say that the most important, most significant, and most beneficial aspect of the psychedelic experience begins when you start to integrate the journey into your life, moment-to-moment, day in and day out.

“Why?” you may still be asking. Didn’t I already take the medicine, laugh uncontrollably, sob hysterically, feel at one with God and vomit in a bucket? Now I have to integrate all of that? 😉

If you use your psychedelic experience as a powerful source of motivation & inspiration, to fuel your genuine desire for change, growth, evolution, healing & wholeness and to help you move closer to full self-actualization, then even the sky is not the limit. You have looked backstage so to speak, behind-the-scenes as it were, have an expanded sense of the underlying nature of reality and, quite likely, a stronger sense of your place in it. Imagine what your life would be like if you lived it as a ceremony that takes place in a temple?

This is not to minimize the very real possibility that your experience was difficult, scary, dark and/or disorienting, at least at times. Maybe your shadow side took centre stage on occasion, perhaps buried memories or unprocessed elements were brought to the surface along with the unvarnished, unfiltered and raw emotions associated with them. You may well be chewing through all of this even now and of course, that’s a big part of why I, as an integration coach, do what I do; I help you complete the process, no matter how messy or sad it may be, regardless of whatever vulnerability, shame, and anger may be present; “All Is Welcome Here”.

On the other hand, no matter how fantastic your journey was, no matter how many aliens you met, no matter how many secrets of the universe were revealed to you and regardless of how good you might feel right now, if you don’t act on the peak experience you just had by moving forward and going deeper, your experience will be just that—an experience—relegated to the realm of interesting phenomena, and thus of limited value.

You’ve come this far. You jumped off a cliff. Whether you dove deep, flew high or both, why not make whatever happened as significant as possible by making meaningful changes in your life?

More specifically, psychedelics can often help us go “up and out” via what has been called the “current of liberation”, moving us from more limited, even contracted states of consciousness into new realties, expanded levels of awareness and higher realms of possibility (even though it’s often challenging!) bringing us into the upper limits of human potential and into the spiritual, ultimately providing us with a closer relationship with Source and Soul.

While we’re allowed to visit, we can’t stay, not via this particular gate anyway. Furthermore, we tend to “come down” to a level of comfort and functionality where we can stabilize. Life, on a practical level, would be difficult to sustain otherwise.

The wonderful news is, if you take what you see in these liberated realms and begin “doing the work”, bringing the lessons and teachings “down and in” via the current of manifestation—letting the insights illuminate your life—you will have the power to change, evolve, and unfold into who and what you truly are, into your full potential and destiny that you co-create.


  • Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Program (Aya Healing Retreats/Atira Tan)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Psychedelic Therapy, Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic Therapy (Psychedelic Support)
  • Vision Quest Guide (apprentice program, Animas Valley Institute)
  • E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance)
  • Certified Bodyworker (1,000 hour training): Seattle Massage School

Troy McFadden's offerings

  • 100€ per session
  • Preparation and Integration Package (2 sessions, pre and post): 180€
  • 3 sessions: 250€
  • 5 sessions: 400€