Psychologist; Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Elena Riedel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From 95€/session




Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Creative Expression
Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
Modern Hypnotherapy

Areas of expertise

Eating Disorders
Navigating Change

About Elena Riedel

With a deep admiration for human beings and for the bittersweet art of human being, I love discovering the limitless diversity between individuals and the beauty and depth within each and every one of them.

Likewise, I love exploring the countless philosophies and sciences, theories and practices that are out there to help us understand and navigate; continuously realising just how little I know and why pure, childlike curiosity and awe in the face of it all are usually the most rewarding place to be.

On my way to becoming an expert on self-doubt and self-sabotage during my (under)graduate years, exploring consciousness through altered states has helped me regain trust: trust that at the core there is love, trust in the famous innate healing wisdom in all of us, and trust that there is meaning in every part of a process, even the most challenging. This trust is the place from which I strive to live, receive, and give.

Now, I am trying to become an expert on “always making conscious, authentic, self-supportive and courageous choices”. Obviously far from it, this is the direction that I’m setting sail for. Changing the course of a large boat with hardwired routines on board doesn’t always go quick and easy, but refining the navigation skills definitely helps. I love refining my own, and sharing and discovering together with others how to refine theirs.

Elena Riedel's approach to integration

At the risk of sounding generic: Listening truly, in full presence and with an open mind and heart, is my core therapeutic value which I take very seriously. Listening does not necessarily mean listening to your spoken words – especially in psychedelic integration work, non-verbal, creative and embodied ways of expression can be more insightful.

As each person is unique and ever-changing, so are their altered state experiences, and so are the preparation and integration processes. Your personal history, experience, intentions for the future, needs and talents will guide the way. Meeting you where you are, with an explorer’s mind and usually a good pinch of humour, I offer my reflections/questions, different methods and ideas along the way for you to investigate and discover what resonates.


  • M.Sc.res. Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology, Amsterdam, NL
  • B.Sc. Psychology, Düsseldorf, GER
  • B.A. Communication and Cultural Management, Friedrichshafen, GER


  • Augmented Psychotherapy and Integration Therapy postgraduate training, MIND Foundation, Berlin, GER (completed Sept 2023, pending certification)
  • Postgraduate psychotherapy training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Ericksonian and Clinical Hypnotherapy; EMDR

Elena Riedel's offerings

I am handling a pay-it-forward approach, by which I am striving to support those who are struggling financially with the help of those who have better means. Depending on your current situation you can choose to pay between € 75-115 for your session (60 min), or please contact me if none of that works for you.

Integration trajectory – bundles:

  • 4 sessions (60 min each): € 250-400 depending on your financial situation
  • 6 sessions (60 min each): € 400-650 depending on your financial situation