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Psychedelic integration coach, Psychologist, and a Psychoanalyst in training.


Bratislava, Slovakia

From 80€/session


Holotropic Breathwork

Areas of expertise

Tetra Breathwork
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Facilitator of Psychedelic Integration Groups
Lecturer in the Area of Psychedelics


Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy
Self-Compassion Trauma Healing
Individual Psychoanalysis

About Yvet

I followed my dream.

I come from a poor social and financial environment. I never felt welcomed and loved, I never felt at home with my family. It was an unfriendly space to exist. Violent, stinking with alcohol, and full of painful loneliness.

When I was 15, the burden of such living conditions led me to one week in the psychiatry ward after I broke down under the pressure of all the tensions and intense emotions I held inside because there was nobody to share.

There I met one caring psychologist. She inspired me to become a psychologist. It was my professional dream for a long time. As a deeply wounded person, I did not walk a straight path to it. First I had to experience more hardships due to some bad decisions I made.

Later as an adult in middle age, I came back to my adolescent dream and began the path of a psychologist. Now, already for many years, I am living my passions: psychology, psychotherapy, and psychedelics.

My early life experiences gave me a lot of practical understanding, abilities, and skills. I was able to accept all the lessons that I used to be ashamed of in the past and integrated them into my personality. Before I came to wholeness and authenticity, which gave me peace of mind, freedom, happiness, and gratitude, my perception of life was hard and painful. However, now I see, life is an amazing experience with so much to offer to a human being.

My calling is to serve people as a guide on the path to better health, satisfaction, happiness, and the flourishment of potential.

Yvet's approach to integration

As a psychedelic integration coach, psychologist, and psychoanalyst in training, I am here to offer you a safe space where you can speak and I will listen to your stories without judgment.

I am here to guide you on your path of self-exploration, to guide you on your path to personal growth and life satisfaction, and to help you to awaken your healing power and wisdom.

I apply psychology knowledge in my work and mostly use the psychoanalytic approach which means we can go deep.

As both a psychologist and a coach of psychedelic integration, I am inspired by the work of Stanislav Grof, Friederike Meckel Fisher, Ryan Westrum, Gabor Maté, and others. I also use my own psychedelic experiences and information learned in Navigating Psychedelics training for clinicians which I’ve completed at Psychedelics Today Education Centre.


  • M.A. in Psychology


M.A. in Psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapy & psychedelic integration. I keep educating myself constantly by attending various education workshops with a focus on trauma healing, attachment, breathing, and bodywork.

Yvet's offerings

  • 80€ per session
  • Open for a 20-minute free pre-call consultation
  • Available for online sessions