Clinical psychologist, non-ordinary states of consciousness, preparation and integration specialist

Phil Pazurek

Berlin, Germany

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Mindfulness Meditation
Somatic Psychedelic Therapy
Transpersonal Psychology
Mindful leadership

Areas of expertise

Eating Disorders


Somatic therapy
Transpersonal psychology
Mindfulness leadership
Couples counselling
Schema Therapy

About Phil Pazurek

I have always been fascinated by the depths of the human mind and intrapersonal connections. Over the last decade, my curiosity for exploring the pure core of our being led me to the teachings of various cultural currents and ancient wisdom.

The human being grasps me in the individual uniqueness, whereby it is the imprints, beliefs, in the course of which vulnerabilities, fears, insecurities, weaknesses are – the said corners and edges, according to social conventions negatively connoted or often stigmatized parts, which nevertheless fuel the greatest potential in themselves and let a person be not only rather approachable and human, but also hold the greatest potentials in themselves. Parts that are present in each of us.

I am trained in clinical psychology and psychotherapy following an integrative approach. In my work, I apply third-wave modalities of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and combine those with psychodynamic approaches and interventions.

We are all in our very own life reality. For this reason, I consider it indispensable to meet up with my counterpart where he or she is at the moment. Therefore I do not limit myself to a specific approach, but rather to enter into a relationship with one another. In the centre of my work there always will be the human encounter. We humans learn in relationships, in relationship to our environment, the beings around us, and nature as well as in relationship to ourselves, our needs, fears, wounding, boundaries and the mystery.

The source of realization in general gets back to consciousness. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher, it is one of my beliefs that the connection between body mind and soul builds the concept of wholeness. To sense that connection and be in our body, I integrate somatic-centered interventions. I am trained in integrative somatic trauma therapy and stress relief and a a breathwork facilitator.

My centre of life is in Berlin.
My clients are individuals and couples – both in a private and/or business context.

Phil Pazurek's approach to integration

Education – Preparation – Integration – Interbeing

Integration means to make whole or the bring into wholeness. After a profound experience, durable healing and sustainable growth can be the results of harvesting insights and experiences as well as practising new, self-loving lifestyle choices.


Support in the integration process ideally starts with preparation before the medical experience. Preparation can serve as a harm-reduction process for the individual. It helps to make an educated choice on how to make space and time to set the right intention, apply the psychedelic with care and attention, as well as to navigate the psychedelic realm.

Together we go through different stages, which may arise, talk about what to expect and learn about strategies on how to face potentially challenging times with a strong foundation and openness.


Post psychedelic experience, it’s not uncommon to feel flooded with information, overwhelmed by emotion, and with a lack of clarity on how to process and move on. Integration is the essential part of moving insights from conceptual to actual and making them tangible with long-lasting, significant change.

As each person’s psychedelic experience can be radically different, so too will your integration work vary, based on your individual circumstances, your specific intention and what you want to gain from it.

For me there are three main pillars of integration, i like to address in the work. The emotional, somatic and psycho-spiritual. Again, nuances differ for each of us, therefore focus on the integration process.

Next to the inquiry, integration requires a safe space for the client being able to open up. As a clinical psychologist, I am aware, that the interpersonal relationship is one of the key factors for progress, which is a continuous interplay of opening and deepening.

Experience has shown, that I can create a meaningful bridge between traditional knowledge and contemporary Western and more scientifically informed psychology, with my multidimensional approach.


  • Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy & Stress Relief
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
  • Breathwork facilitator

Phil Pazurek's offerings

  • one 50min session: 125€


  • Integration: 2x integration for 240€
  • Preparation &  integration for 360€
    (1x preparation & 2x integration)
  • Deep dive:
    at least 3 months of commitment to personal work to unpack, face, accept, align, create and flourish. Let’s get in touch to discuss what this might look like for you.