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Clinical psychologist, non-ordinary states of consciousness, preparation and integration specialist

Phil Pazurek

Berlin, Germany

From 125€/session


Mindfulness Meditation
Somatic Psychedelic Therapy
Transpersonal Psychology
Mindful leadership

Areas of expertise

Eating Disorders


Somatic therapy
Transpersonal psychology
Mindfulness leadership
Couples counselling
Schema Therapy

About Phil Pazurek

I am a mental health professional trained in clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
In my work I follow an integrative approach, utilizing modalities of cognitive
behavioural therapy (Third wave of CBT), such as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
(DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), along with psychodynamic
approaches and interventions.

The origin of realization lies within consciousness. As a meditation and mindfulness
teacher, I firmly believe that achieving wholeness relies on the connection of body
mind and soul. To sense that connection and be in our body, I incorporate
somatic-centered interventions. My background includes training in integrative
somatic trauma therapy and stress relief and as a breathwork facilitator.
Over the past decade, my curiosity about exploring the essence of our being has led
me to study various cultural currents and ancient wisdom.

Recognizing that each of us inhabits our own reality, I believe it’s essential to meet
individuals where they are. Therefore, I do not adhere strictly to a single approach but
rather prioritize building a relationship with my clients. Human connection is central
to my work, as we learn and grow through our relationships, with our environment, and the
humans around us, as well as through our relationships with ourselves, including our
needs, fears, wounds, boundaries and mystery.

The uniqueness of each individual intrigues me, particularly the imprints, beliefs,
vulnerabilities, fears, insecurities, and weaknesses that are often stigmatized by
societal norms but hold immense potential. These aspects, present in all of us,
contribute to making a person approachable, human, and harbouring great potential.
Based in Berlin, I work with individuals and couples in both personal and professional

Phil Pazurek's approach to integration

Education – Preparation – Integration – Interbeing:

Integration means to make whole or bring into wholeness. Following a profound
experience, lasting healing and sustainable growth can emerge from harvesting
insights and lessons, along with embracing new, self-loving lifestyle choices.


Support in the integration process ideally commences with preparation before the
psychedelic journey. Preparation acts as a means of harm reduction for the
individual, enabling them to make informed decisions on how to create space and
time to set the right intention and approach the psychedelic experience with
caution, mindfulness and learning to navigate the psychedelic realm effectively.
I accompany individuals through various stages that may emerge, discussing
anticipated experiences and acquiring strategies to confront potential difficulties
with a strong foundation, openness and receptiveness.


Post-psychedelic journey, it’s common to feel inundated with information,
overwhelmed by emotions, and unsure how to process and move forward.
Integration becomes crucial for translating insights from abstract concepts into
tangible, long-lasting changes.

Since each individual’s psychedelic journey is unique, the approach to integration will
vary based on personal circumstances, intentions, and desired outcomes. In the
work, we identify three primary pillars of integration: emotional, somatic, and
psycho-spiritual. These pillars are tailored to each individual, highlighting the
importance of personalized focus in the integration process.
In addition to introspection, effective integration necessitates providing a safe space
for clients to express themselves. As a clinical psychologist, I understand that the
therapeutic relationship is paramount for progress, requiring a continual balance of
opening up and deepening understanding.

Experience has shown that I can create a meaningful bridge between ancient
wisdom and contemporary Western, more scientifically informed psychology, through
my multidimensional approach.


  • Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy & Stress Relief
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
  • Breathwork facilitator


  • Master of Science in Psychology & Psychotherapy
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

Phil Pazurek's offerings

  • one 50min session: 125€


  • Integration: 2x integration for 240€
  • Preparation &  integration for 360€
    (1x preparation & 2x integration)
  • Deep dive:
    at least 3 months of commitment to personal work to unpack, face, accept, align, create and flourish. Let’s get in touch to discuss what this might look like for you.