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Positive Intelligence, Self-Compassion, and Relationships Integration Guide

Constantine Dhonau

Durango, Colorado, USA

From 175$ USD/session



About Constantine Dhonau

Raised amidst a rich Peruvian shamanic heritage and steeped in the coastal landscapes of Florida, Constantine’s life journey is a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern psychological insights. His early years were spent under the nurturing guidance of his mother. She is an apprentice to Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, the esteemed guardian of the Pachakuti Mesa shamanic tradition. This spiritual lineage laid the foundation for his lifelong fascination with the labyrinthine intricacies of the human mind and behaviour.

Constantine’s academic endeavours led him to the New College of Florida, the state honours college. He honed there his research understanding in the field of Psychology. His work focused mainly on self-compassion within the LGBTQIA+ community. He ultimately presented his thesis research at the prestigious Columbia University in New York.

Post-college, Constantine embarked on a transformative journey as a wilderness therapy guide with Open Sky, one of the world’s premier wilderness therapy companies. Over 8,000 hours spent navigating the majestic Colorado mountains and the solitary Utah desert amplified his understanding of the healing powers of nature. This experience allowed him to mentor people in crisis, and train senior guides. It also helped him expand his spirituality, Daoism, through studying the Dao De Jing and the I Ching.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to personal growth and well-being, Constantine further refined his skill set by acquiring training in Positive Intelligence™, Mental Health First Aid™, and trauma-informed mindfulness and meditation techniques. As a certified life coach, he empowers individuals and couples to create harmonious relationships and conquer life’s hurdles with resilience, drawing upon a synthesis of evidence-based techniques, spiritual practices, and his own unique approach.

Today, Constantine’s expertise and passion converge in his role as a Psychedelic Guide and Integration Coach with Mindbloom, a leading remote ketamine therapy provider in the United States. His deep immersion in the transformative potential of psychedelics strengthens his capacity to facilitate smooth life transitions and goal realization for his clients.

Constantine’s adeptness in fostering healthy and enduring relationships is well-established. He seamlessly blends his psychological knowledge, spiritual wisdom, mindfulness techniques, and a keen empathetic understanding of the complexities of modern relationships, thus offering an unparalleled coaching experience that provides both support and efficacy.

Constantine Dhonau's approach to integration

“Being is what we work with but non-being is what we use”
– Dao De Jing, 11  (tr. Stephen Mitchell)

Arising from his own profound encounters with psychedelics, Constantine’s journey as an integration guide embodies his profound for their healing virtues.  He realized early that without mindful preparation and effective integration, the benefits of these experiences can be transient. This insight fuels his passion to guide others on their psychedelic odysseys, ensuring experiences are woven sustainably into their lives.

As a guide, Constantine prioritizes setting clear intentions and cultivating a nurturing environment. He prepares clients holistically for their journey, providing comprehensive guidance on areas like nutrition, hydration, and rest.

During the psychedelic journey, Constantine offers steady emotional support, consequently aiding clients through any challenging emotions or experiences that may surface. Utilizing trauma-informed mindfulness, inner alignment, navigating shadow, and grounding techniques, he helps clients remain anchored while uncovering hidden wisdom within their experiences.

Post-journey, Constantine provides unwavering support, helping clients distil insights from their experiences and integrate them meaningfully into their lives. His approach involves extended engagement, recognizing that true transformation requires time and sustained support.

Constantine’s role as a psychedelic integration guide is grounded in respect for these substances’ power and a commitment to maximizing their beneficial impact. He sees his work as facilitating personal growth. The values the privilege of accompanying individuals on their journey of self-realization.


  • Wilderness Therapy
  • BA in Psychology
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • MBSR Meditation
  • TIM – Trauma-Informed Mindfulness
  • Harm Reduction
  • ACT – Acceptance & Commitment Theory
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Constantine Dhonau's offerings

  • $175/hr remote
  • $1500/10 sessions (10 weeks)
  • $500/day in-person + expenses
  • Info for 5 other coaching packages ranging from 30 days to 12 months, available upon request.
    – (Non) Action: 30 days
    – Compassion Within: 8 weeks
    – Path of Change: 10 weeks
    – Path of Wisdom: 13 weeks
    – Four Seasons: 12 months