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Body-oriented psychologist, preparation and integration coach

Hannah de Waal

Den Haag, Netherlands

From 60€/session


Creative Expression

Areas of expertise

Life Transitions
Inner-Child Healing
Shamanic Techniques
Intergenerational Trauma


Intergenerational And Ancestral Trauma
Birth Trauma

About Hannah de Waal

I believe each one of us has boundless beauty to share simply by being ourselves. But first, we must ask ourselves who we really are. I am dedicated to facilitating that inner exploration.

I love to empower others to live courageously, to step into the unknown, to get lost, and to slow down and appreciate the view. Basically, to make the most of this blip of a lifetime inhabiting this body on this planet.

From an early age, I felt like a seeker. I spent a lot of time looking up – at the stars, at the clouds, at the sky – wondering what we’re really doing here. I had a deep relationship with dreams and imagination. Later in life, this curiosity led me to study the psyche through Western psychology, Eastern philosophy and expanded states of consciousness.

After a paradigm-shattering encounter with death and traumatic grief at 20 years old, the direction of my life shifted from being science-focused to seeking deeper spirituality. I can now say that Death has been my greatest teacher. It caused me to look within, reconnect to my body, and find a sense of meaning and purpose.

As a student of somatic therapy, yoga, and breathwork, I see the body as our greatest ally as we move through life. I hold retreats and workshops across Europe with an emphasis on disintegration & integration. My perspective integrates the scientific with the shamanic and the practical with the mystical.

You’ll usually find me juggling several books and ideas, continuously exploring my own inner landscape. In my free time, I enjoy making herbal medicine, dancing, and getting lost in the forest with my dog.

My core values are authenticity, courage, and service.

Hannah de Waal's approach to integration

I view integration as more than a single point on a timeline (preparation – experience – integration) but rather as an attitude towards life. It is not only about incorporating extraordinary experiences into our everyday lives but also about integrating different aspects of the individual and collective psyche.

My approach to integration is first about meeting you where you are in your journey. Then we can take the next step together. That may look like preparing for a journey and setting intentions, returning from a journey and making meaning, forming new patterns or ways of being, exploring a theme or topic that is present for you, or simply tuning in to the body and seeing what arises.

My top priority is creating a space of safety, trust, and loving awareness, where you are fully welcome exactly as you are. In sessions, we begin by checking in with the body, and then we may use a range of tools depending on what is needed, such as meditation, journaling, creative expression, and breathwork. Between sessions, I will encourage you to form a daily ritual or practice based on our work.


  • Accredited Shamanic Practitioner Training Program


  • Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilator

Hannah de Waal's offerings

  • Tier 1 (steady income): 80€ per session
  • Tier 2 (low income): 60€ per session
  • Six-week preparation & integration journey: 900€