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Altered States Integration Coach


Kyiv, Ukraine

From 50€/session



Holotropic Breathwork
Mindfulness Meditation


CBT Therapy
Schema Therapy
Process Oriented Psychology
Somatic Experiencing
Couple Counselling

About Marina

It is often said that difficulties will develop one’s personality and further self-knowledge. Thanks to the fact that at a certain difficult point in my life, I reached a dead end. I had to reconsider and rethink a lot about myself. I realised that my social life was not a guarantee of happiness. I further realised that I didn’t trust the former myself.  My acquaintance with psychotherapy and other practices combined to push me to develop and change a great deal as a person.

At the time of this crisis, I was fortunate to become acquainted with the non-ordinary state of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork. I understood that I have been living in these states for a long time, but I forbid myself to feel and be truly who I am. And this was the beginning of a huge transformation of personal growth, and destruction of my prior life.

Today, years later, I understand that this incredibly painful experience became the basis for my newfound happiness. I met many friends and colleagues and now I feel myself a part of this amazing community. My own experiences of breaking my personal deadlock help me support other people in difficult moments of their life.  I am happy to share everything that I have acquired over the years of study, practice, and self-knowledge.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to all who risk going on a journey that has no end: The journey to yourself.

If you are at the crossroads of life, don’t see any way out, and are ready for a better you, I am happy to help you.

Marina's approach to integration

I work in an integrative approach, which means that you will be carefully guided through a unique process of your own integration.


  • CBT therapist
  • Schema Therapy
  • Holotropic Breathwork facilitator
  • Integration of Mindfulness into counselling, coaching and therapy
  • Process Oriented Psychology
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Couple counselling.

Marina's offerings

  • 50€ per session