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My experience is my biggest treasure. In my work, I approach the human as a holistic being, supporting my clients through their challenges with the help of oracle, shamanic tools, and mediumship.

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Spiritual guides connection
Energetic body cleanse
Shamanic Techniques


Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapé, Mushrooms, Iboga. Altered state of consciousness thru breathing techniques, meditation and connection with spiritual guides, Re-connection with the present life personality. Cleansing of the energetic body and from negative spiritual possessions. Shamanic techniques such as shamanic breathing, soul retrieval, past lives journey


Arcangelismo (a school for healing and mediumship in Brazil), Initiated in the Jurema Sagrada (a shamanic/spiritual tradition from Brazil), Initiated in the baptism of the Huni Kuin tribe in Brazil.



English, German, Portuguese


Hamburg and São Paulo

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My mother was a healer in Brazil, so, since my childhood I have experienced the reality of the spiritual realms in a natural way, integrated to every-day life.

At 15, I discovered meditation and have been practicing it in different styles. In my teenage years I started my search for personal questions and started to discover my own spiritual path.

I was initiated in different shamanic traditions such as Jurema Sagrada (an indigenous-afro-brazilian cult based on connection with the nature forces thru mediumship), Huni Kuin baptism (brazilian amazonian shamanism). I have known ayahuasca for more than 20 years in different ritual forms.

Nowadays I work as a healer, attending to my clients with different personal issues, in private sessions and giving courses in subject mediumship and shamanism.


's approach to Psychedelic Integration

Through my intuition and mediumship I deliver to you information that will help you to integrate the experience, at all levels: Physically, mentally, emotionally and also energetically and spiritually.

Besides that, I reach for an oracle in order to plan the energetic work. The oracle shows which energies are necessary to establish your balance (even before a session!)

After that there is a healing session where the client receives the energy. 

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