Trauma-Informed and Person-Centered Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach

Vismay Agrawal

Mumbai, India

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Insight Practices
Meaning Making

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Shadow Work
Breaking Blockages

About Vismay Agrawal

I work as a Preparation and Integration Facilitator at Psychedelic Insights, Research Analyst at IRLG (projects related to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy), and Meditation Coach.

Prior to my first psychedelic experience, thinking served as the only lens through which I comprehended the world. I believed I didn’t have any major trauma in my life. Little did I know I was disconnected from my heart. My first psychedelic experience proved to be a pivotal turning point in my life. It became clear that the story I tell myself is just that—a story—it does not define the essence of who I truly am.

Subsequently, I saw psychedelics as magical pills capable of healing all aspects of life. However, I soon realised that the psychedelic experience offers a glimpse, and the permanent change only comes with integrating the insights into daily life.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to exploring the intricacies of the mind, meta-awareness, phenomenology and the nature of experience from multiple perspectives to facilitate holistic integration and reduce suffering.

I have delved into the subjective aspect of the mind through the dedicated practice of insight meditation, with over 2000 hours of formal insight meditation practice (access to meditative absorptions). Additionally, I have altered-state experiences with 5-MeO-DMT, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, DMT, MDMA, Salvia etc.

To gain a scientific understanding of the mind, I have worked at esteemed research centres such as the Brain and Consciousness Research Centre at Taipei Medical University, fMRI lab at the University of Toronto, Medical Imaging lab at IIT Madras, and Level SuperMind.

As a Mindfulness and Psychedelics Coach, I have assisted over 180 individuals in unravelling complex mental challenges and navigating life with increased clarity. Notably, I have worked with Synthesis Institute and Psychedelic Insights, both renowned providers of psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands.

Vismay Agrawal's approach to integration

There are a lot of misconceptions about spirituality in society. Many people unknowingly use it to escape. I can understand this as I too fell into such a trap in the past.

When I first had a taste of integration, I realized my calling was to explore the transformation of the mind for lasting freedom, independent of external influences. In my work, I empower individuals to effect necessary changes in their lives without relying on subsequent psychedelic experiences.

In my experience, I have seen a general progression of growth from suffering to altered states with temporary unification of mind, leading to meaningful insights, which when integrated leads to altered traits, and ultimately bringing joy and happiness in life.

My approach includes:

  1. Cultivating Mental Skills: Guiding individuals in developing mindfulness and flexible attention
  2. Opening the Heart: Creating a safe, nurturing space where vulnerability, trust, and comfort thrive, and guiding loving-kindness meditation
  3. Investigation into the Mind: Delving into the depths of the psyche, uncovering mental blockages and limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth.
  4. Investigation into the Heart: Assisting individuals in navigating complex emotional terrain with a safe anchor.
  5. Unifying Heart and Mind: Guiding shadow work, big mind, meaning making and other insight practices to cultivate a sense of freedom within.


  • B.Tech. Honours + M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering


  • Buddhist Meditation: Abidhamma in Daily Life (University of Mumbai), six 10-day vipassana retreats and three 7-day satipatthana sutta retreats by S.N. Goenka
  • Yoga: Raja Yoga, Integral Karma Yoga (IIT Madras)
  • Psychology: Social Psychology, Soft Skills (IIT Madras)

Vismay Agrawal's offerings

  • 65€ per hour
  • 4x sessions for 220€