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Preparation & Integration Coach, PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, Psychologist in training

Tonia Casarin

Menlo Park, California, USA

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About Tonia Casarin

I have been learning how adverse situations have a profound impact on well-being, behaviours, mental health, personalities and decision-making. I had dealt with difficult situations in my life, such as child abuse and alcoholism within my family. The trauma that I have been carrying throughout my life had a profound impact on me. Recently, I experienced a life-threatening situation: I was pregnant, lost the baby and almost lost my own life.

This traumatic event caused physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological harm and triggered back my PTSD symptoms, and I have worked for twenty years in therapy to help me alleviate them. I needed additional support to recover from the traumatic event and regain emotional and mental stability. I found a psychedelic-assisted coach who helped me in ways that I have never imagined. I now have clearly reduced trauma symptoms and improved mental health outcomes. These latest experiences changed me in profound ways.

After these meaningful healing psychedelic experiences, I’ve decided to become a psychedelic coach, combining my years of experience in human development, well-being, social and emotional development and coaching. I’m certified in Entheogenic Medicine and I’m pursuing my PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology. I’m been supervised in my practice as a guide and I’m currently working as a researcher in psychedelic-assisted coaching and facilitator protocols.

I believe in the concept of the “Inner Healing Intelligence” originally developed by Stanislof Groff, which has become central to the MAPS MDMA-assisted treatment process. This concept empowers participants to tap into their inherent ability to heal and grow and to take responsibility for their own healing. I use the whole-person approach to healing and growth.

My diverse background as a Latina and immigrant and my global experience working with refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan and being involved in projects in LATAM, US, Australia, India, Europe and South Africa expanded my perspective about our common humanity. I’ve been working with well-being and social and emotional development as a mental health prevention approach for more than ten years. I’ve worked with children and adults all over the world and I’m a bestseller book author.

I’ve also taken intro courses in Well-Being, CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), Interpersonal Skills and Mindfulness, as well as Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Psychedelic Counseling and Transpersonal Psychology and I incorporate my learnings into my approach.

I identify myself as a spiritual-oriented person, humanist and nature lover. My healing journeys transformed me into a person with a deep sense of connection to myself, to others and to the world.

“Be grateful for whoever comes,

Because each has been sent

As a guide from beyond” – RUMI

Tonia Casarin's approach to integration

“You are exactly where you should be.”

I understand that embarking on this transformative experience can be both exhilarating and uncertain. My role is to guide you through this sacred process, ensuring your safety and nurturing the part of you that seeks transformation.

I approach preparation and integration work with knowledge and techniques with intuition, tailoring tools, methods, and techniques to align with your unique energy, personality, and situation. Throughout the sessions, you will learn practical tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life, even after our coaching journey together has concluded. My goal is to support you in creating and sustaining lasting well-being and facilitating personal growth.


If you are about to go on a psychedelic journey we will address in preparation coaching:

  • Whole Person Assessment
  • Expectations, fears, concerns and what if’s
  • Harm reduction in general and what to pay attention to
  • The right setting, set, facilitator, type of medicine
  • Tools breathing strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with the unknown
  • Intentions for the journey


Welcome to our integration session, where we will delve into the profound insights and experiences that emerged during your psychedelic journey. Integration is a personal and ongoing process, and my role is to provide you with a safe space—physically, mentally, and spiritually—where you can explore and integrate these transformative moments into your everyday life.

In integration coaching, we will address:

  • Whole Person assessment (get back to it if we did preparation together)
  • Understanding the experience (cognitive, emotional, visceral, spiritual, soulful level)
  • Self-enquiry, reflections and insights after the journey
  • Unpacking the insights from your psychedelic experience
  • Integrate gifts from journeys into new ways of being
  • Identifying anchors to stay connected to the experience
  • Identifying emotional, behavioural and thinking patterns that do not serve you
  • Find integration groups if needed

Remember, integration is not a one-time event; it is a continuous process.

“There is no courage without fear.”


  • PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (starts in 2023): accepted in Sofia University; waiting for CIIS waitlist
  • Entheogenic Medicine Training Program, Synaptic Institute (June 2023)
  • Psychedelic Counseling: The Foundations of “Trip Sitting” – Psychedelics Support Network, 2023, US
  • Riding the Wave: Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction – Psychedelics Support Network, 2023, US
    Building Interpersonal Skills, Stanford University, US, 2021
  • Certification on Positive Psychology, US, 2021
    Science of Well-Being, Yale University, US, 2021
  • Certification on Managing Emotions: Introduction to the Principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, 2020, Stanford University, US
  • Coaching Certification, Columbia Business School, New York, US
  • Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, US
  • MA in Adult Learning and Leadership, 2015, Columbia University, NYC, US,

Tonia Casarin's offerings

  • $150 per session