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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach


Los Angeles, California, USA

From 111$ USD/session


Mindfulness Meditation
Talk Therapy
Health Psychology
Holistic Psychology

Areas of expertise

Domestic & Sexual Violence


Life Coaching
Trauma Informed
Peer-Support Integration
The MAGIC Method
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Tarot Reading
Learning and Behaviorism
Adolescent and Lifetime Development

About Meha

  • Ending up in this line of work was no mistake. I am a Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Survivor and Thriver–Meaning I am Choosing to see the light in the parts of my dark history. I have been studying psychology and psychedelics since I was 16 years old to break my cycle and in turn help, others do the same.
  • My aunt always encouraged my two educations, the conventional and unconventional. Meaning the material you learn in a classroom and earn a degree from, and the shit life hands you and earns experience from. I have always been more fond of my unconventional education, experience has taught me the most valuable parts of what I pass on to my magicians (clients and students).
  • Healing can be a fun journey, and with that, I have made it a priority on my own to make it a party. My favourite classroom is the dancefloor and my favourite teacher is music. It’s in this space I began to finally shift my perspective on life and see that magic exists.

Meha's approach to integration

  • Created The MAGIC Method–A Protocol I use to formally conduct coaching sessions.
  • I create a safe space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions while going about their journey. Together we will authentically cultivate the perfect atmosphere for transformative experiences unique to you. I specialize in Trauma Informed Care, Domestic & Sexual Violence, and Creative Spark.


  • BA in Psychology 2021
  • Psychedelic Education & Integration Coaching Training & Internship Program 2021

Meha's offerings

  • 111$ per hour/session
  • I host free workshops/support
    groups/integration circles via my non-profit Spread Magic Free Events