Trauma resolution & spiritual growth coach

Dara del Rio

Durango, Colorado, USA

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Sexual Healing
Childhood Trauma
Grief And Major Life Transitions
Intergenerational And Ancestral Trauma
Awakening Spiritual Abilities

About Dara del Rio

Years ago, my life was saved by a powerful medicine woman & shaman. The chance encounter altered the course of my life.

My holistic training spans many modalities and cultures, creating a blend of Eastern and Western psychological models, central and South American shamanic wisdom lineages, and trauma-informed somatic release principles. My mother and grandfather are both medical doctors, a lineage I consider myself a continuation of in a unique way.

I have been working with entheogens such as Psilocybin, San Pedro, Cacao, and Ayahuasca for almost a decade. Over the last ten years, I have journeyed many times to the jungles and mountains of Peru and volcanoes of Guatemala to work with and learn from indigenous elders and medicine keepers. I have studied both formally and informally with many teachers in Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Astrology, Singing, Shamanism, Yoga, Breathwork, and Trauma Resolution. I currently work full-time as an embodiment coach with Somatic SpiritualCounseling and as a sexuality and intimacy coach for men with my own business Dara del Rio. Additionally, I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Beyond my extensive interdisciplinary credentials, I consider my own life experiences as part of my training. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a decade of chronic illness, rape, miscarriage, and a high-impact car collision. These experiences have, in part, inspired me to become the thriving, healthy woman I am today

Dara del Rio's approach to integration

When we are little, we simply absorb the environment we are immersed in without any awareness of what is healthy and what is dysfunctional. Our bodies form implicit memories of what we experience—deep feelings of safety and comfort, as well as neglect and abuse, are stored in this way.

Trauma survivors often do not have access to explicit memories of the things that have happened to them, either because they were too young or because it was too painful, or both. Yet the body remembers. Often during psychedelic experiences, our implicit body memories of past traumas rise to the surface as part of the healing process.

Sometimes, the surfaced experiences can quickly become overwhelming. When we are flooded with too much to process at one time, we lose touch with the present moment and are not able to fully metabolize what has come to the light. Sometimes we don’t even necessarily know the full extent of the content we are carrying, only that something isn’t quite right.

Having good intentions is simply not enough to guard against the difficulties that psychedelics open a person up to. The memories that surface need to be held with care and tended to full resolution and integration.

We are not made to heal alone. Asking for help is not cowardly, but rather incredibly brave. Asking for help means that you are vulnerable enough to acknowledge that you cannot do this alone and courageous enough to reach out to another for guidance.

If you have worked with psychedelics and are looking for a safe space to unpack your experiences, please reach out. I would be honoured to walk this road with you.


  • TRAUMA-INFORMED PLANT MEDICINE with Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Atira Tan
  • 200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Hatha Yoga with Frog Lotus Yoga
  • BACHELOR OF ARTS in Philosophy & Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University

Dara del Rio's offerings

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  • 6-session package:  600€
  • 12-session package: 1080€