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Daniella Janis

1 years of exp.

Bali, Indonesia

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About Daniella Janis

Younger years

What a journey I’ve been on and continue to explore. I was reading books on spirituality and witchcraft at a very young age. I had always been an impulsive, wild child. My parents didn’t know how to control my wildness, and at 8 years old, I was “diagnosed” with ADHA and put on medication.

I grew up in an emotionally driven household. Everyone ran on emotions but would become overcome by emotions, unable to become calm and clear. Middle school and high school were tough enough, and my parents at home were constantly fighting. My mother tended to take her anger out on me. At 15 years old, I would lock myself in my room and meditate for hours to escape my external reality.

I was always curious about altered states of consciousness and have been a seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom since I can remember.

Being on ADHD medicine slowed this growth within me, but I was still always curious. Being a seeker led me to travel the world for a year, and that is how I ended up living in Amsterdam for almost 6 years.

Journey back to my inner nature

I was experiencing mood swings and depressive episodes in my mid to late twenties. I had forgotten who I was. ADHD medicine also numbed the pain from the trauma I had experienced. However, this didn’t stop me from experiencing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fear, and feelings of not feeling worthy. I felt so lost and felt a massive hole within myself. My fire was burning out, I had no boundaries, and I couldn’t speak up for myself. The women I had known to live life with a vibrant, confident flare felt lost.

I started focusing on personal development, which led me to begin my spiritual journey. I was done being in shame cycles and letting my mind spiral out of control. I then started reconnecting deeply with my inner nature, the universal consciousness through plant medicine. I stopped taking my ADHD medicine and decided that since I am from nature, I to live naturally. I promised myself that I would prioritize my happiness over anything in the external world, such as a job and people that do not serve me.

After continuously healing with different modalities and plant medicine, I began to detach from my old personality. I made another conscious decision to regain my power, to be the creator of my life, and take full responsibility for my thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. I began to surrender to the unknown, to always be in flow, to do without doing, and to move, dance, and play with life and not against it. I started to see limiting beliefs, and all the fear dissipate.

After a 10-day ayahuasca retreat, it became clear that the life I had built in Amsterdam was over. I fully surrendered to the unknown and decided it was time to give up everything in my old life. I quit my job and sold everything except for enough personal items I could carry on my back to live a life of love, freedom, happiness, adventure, and ease with my husband.

My life is currently filled with unconditional love, abundance, joy, freedom, playfulness, laughter, creativity, and so many other juicy emotions. I embrace my wild woman tendencies so much more than ever before. However, I do experience sadness, fear, and anger as I still am a human. I’ve learned to live with my trauma, move the energy, and alchemize high energy. I am now much more equipped to work through my mind and body as I understand my human nature differently. I keep my pain close as it has made me who I am today, and I don’t allow it to cause me suffering.

If one of us can journey back to our true nature, lead with unconditional divine love, and create a life our soul truly wants, then we can all do it.

Daniella Janis's approach to integration

My approach to preparation and integration is to remind you of your true self by reconnecting with your trust so that you can prepare and integrate your experiences as your natural self. I incorporate emotional release, bodywork, yoga, meditation, and other healing modalities to help you prepare and/or integrate your experience.

Specifically, when it comes to integrating, I believe it is necessary to dive deep and understand the roots. Therefore, in my 1:1 sessions, we will cultivate a deep, open, honest, transparent, intimate environment for you to integrate your experiences daily for lasting change.

Many shifts during a psychedelic experience; returning to your previous reality can be challenging. We work with all this transformation and figure out your next steps. Psychedelic experiences show you all the possibilities of beauty your life can hold. Together we will make that happen

In this space, you will explore who you truly are and how to integrate your experience that feels good for you. You will reconnect to your true self by understanding how your mind and body function. We were born with these tools, and most of us don’t know how to wield their power. All you have to do is be open and ready to do the work and receive my medicine. Everyone is different, so the coaching and mentoring are specifically tailored to your needs.

You will learn tools and techniques you can use daily after discontinuing the coaching/mentoring. I am here to support you in creating and maintaining everlasting well-being intuitively and with unconditional love.


  • Yoga Teacher Training

    200 hours

  • M.Sc. Communication Science
  • Trauma Support Specialist

Daniella Janis's offerings

  • Price per session 100€
  • Price for 4 sessions 350€