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Holistic Spiritual Coach


São Paulo, Brazil

From 100€/session




Shamanic Techniques
Spiritual Guides Connection
Energetic Body Cleanse

About Augusto

My mother was a healer in Brazil, so, since my childhood, I have experienced the reality of the spiritual realms in a natural way, integrated into everyday life.

At 15, I discovered meditation and have been practising it in different styles. In my teenage years, I started my search for personal questions and started to discover my own spiritual path.

I was initiated in different shamanic traditions such as Jurema Sagrada (an indigenous-afro-brazilian cult based on connection with the nature forces thru mediumship), and Huni Kuin baptism (Brazilian amazonian shamanism). I have known ayahuasca for more than 20 years in different ritual forms.

Nowadays I work as a healer, attending to my clients with different personal issues, in private sessions and giving courses in subject mediumship and shamanism.

Augusto's approach to integration

Through my intuition and mediumship, I deliver to you information that will help you to integrate the experience, at all levels: Physically, mentally, emotionally and also energetically and spiritually.

Besides that, I reach for an oracle to plan the energetic work. The oracle shows which energies are necessary to establish your balance (even before a session!)

After that, there is a healing session where the client receives the energy.


  • Arcangelismo
    (a school for healing and mediumship in Brazil)
  • Initiated in the Jurema Sagrada
    (a shamanic/spiritual tradition from Brazil)
  • Initiated in the baptism of the Huni Kuin tribe in Brazil.

Augusto's offerings

  • 100€ per session
  • 3 sessions for 85€ each