Waking Life Festival

June 19, 2024 12:00 am PT | Crato, Portugal

waking life festival
Credit: Waking Life

Date: June 19 – 24
Location: Crato, Portugal
Duration: 5 days
Cost: Tickets starting at 230€

Our dear co-founder Andres will be present in Waking Life 2024, supporting the Harm-Reduction section Avozinha and holding an integration workshop with our coaches Yulfriana and Hannah at Apuro. The workshop is going to be an interactive way to learn more about the concept and importance of integration and ways to do this.

Apuro is a space for reflection, contemplation, dialogue, learning, feeling, and evolving. We need to pause and truly listen, to truly see. To shift perspectives and free ourselves from default world conditioning and rigid thinking. Bodies and minds are invited to merge, transforming the individual into the collective. The kaleidoscope of ideas, skin, words, and bones seeks an enthusiastic synthesis.

Specific Date and time to be confirmed.

About Waking Life Festival

Waking Life is a midsummer festival and a year-round haven for creativity and experimentation. Born from the shared dream of friends to create a community in a sunny corner of the world, it aims to plant ideas and harvest alternative ways of living, learning, and loving. It is gradually evolving into a space for artistic experimentation, spirited self-expression, and collective envisioning of the society we could cultivate with the freedom to deviate from conventional reality.

From an administrative perspective, Waking Life is a not-for-profit association registered in Portugal, primarily run by volunteers. While the annual June gathering has been its flagship event, Waking Life extends beyond the festival. It’s a multidimensional community project with emerging cultural, countercultural, and agricultural initiatives.

We haven’t convinced you yet? As we said pictures are worth a thousand words:

Images captured by Jan Beddegenoodts for Waking Life

Attending team members

Andrés Rose, Cofounder and CEO of Psychedelics Integration

Andrés Rose

CEO & Co-founder @ Psychedelics Integration

Attending coaches