Andrés Rose

CEO & Co-founder @ Psychedelics Integration

Psychedelic abstract colors

The Psychedelics Renaissance

As psychedelics become a prevalent place in mainstream media, a newfound interest arises around their benefits and risks. This awakening is called Psychedelics Reinassance.

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What’s integration?

Integration. If you have been digging into the growing content around psychedelics on the internet, you have probably encountered this buzzword.

Antonio Escohotado

Antonio Escohotado passed away

We want to celebrate the life and work of Antonio Escohotado, who passed away. This important Spanish figure has been one of the first to confront the prohibition of psychedelics.

Who are we? (Part 1)

You may be wondering, who are the folks behind Psychedelics Integration? Therapists? Scientists? Researchers? Well, I’m not one of them.