Psychedelic Integration Sharing Circle

March 1, 2024 6:00 pm CET | Online - Google Meet

psychedelic integration circle

Date: March 01, 2024
Time: 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
Duration: approximately 60min
Pace: monthly
Cost: 5€ or more (you donate what you want/can)

About Psychedelic Integration Sharing Circle

An Integration Sharing Circle is a safe space where every participant will get time to share their altered states of consciousness / psychedelic experiences and hold space for the rest of the participants. Being heard and hearing other people’s experiences are proven tools to keep processing and integrating our own processes.

Each month one of our coaches will guide the circle.

What to expect?

  • A Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Community & Connection
  • Guided Sharing Sessions
  • Integration Insights
  • Diverse Perspectives

How to Prepare

  • Create a quiet and comfortable space for yourself, where you won’t be disturbed.
  • You can light a candle and have next to you a personal item. You are also welcome to journal.
  • Approach the session with an open mind and without specific expectations. Be willing to embrace whatever experiences arise.

Your Guide: Ari Shine

Ari Shine, Somatic Practitioner and Trauma Informed Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Ari is a Somatic Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Specialist.

“I prioritize creating a container of safety for you to show up exactly how you are with, where you are at. I work in a very somatic body-oriented way. Allowing your own natural body intelligence to show us the path towards the next step of your healing.”

How to reserve your spot

In order to reserve your spot, please fill in the following document & donate our BuyMeACoffee app. Why a donation? In the past we have done those circles on a donation basis, people signed up but didn’t show off, which was a loss of time and energy for ourselves and our coaches organising the circles. We think that 5€ is an honest exchange.

Conduct Code

A code of conduct for psychedelic integration circles is essential to create a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for all participants.

  1. Confidentiality
    Everything shared within the circle stays within the circle. Participants must agree not to disclose personal experiences or discussions outside the group.
  2. Respect and Non-Judgment
    Approach each person’s experience with respect and an open mind. Avoid judgment or criticism of others’ experiences and perspectives.
    Acknowledge the vulnerability of sharing personal experiences and honour this with attentive listening and empathy.
  3. Safety and Well-being
    The well-being of participants is paramount. Facilitators should be prepared to provide support or refer participants to professional help if needed.
    Encourage practices that promote physical and emotional safety, including clear guidelines on not attending under the influence of substances.
  4. Equality and Inclusivity
    Everyone’s experience is valid and deserves equal respect and attention. The circle should foster an inclusive environment that welcomes diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
    Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
  5. Voluntary Participation
    Sharing is based on voluntary participation. No one should feel pressured to share more than they are comfortable with.
    Participants have the right to pass or simply listen during sharing rounds.
  6. Mindful Communication
    Encourage mindful and considerate communication. Participants should be aware of the time they take to share to ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak.
    Use “I” statements from personal experience rather than generalizations or advice-giving.
  7. Boundaries
    Respect personal boundaries and the physical space of others. Consent is crucial in all interactions.
    Facilitators should establish clear guidelines for any physical activities or practices involving contact.
  8. Commitment to Growth
    Participants and facilitators alike commit to personal and collective growth, understanding that integration is an ongoing process.
    Encourage a mindset of curiosity, openness to learning, and support for one another’s journeys.
  9. Legal Awareness
    Acknowledge the legal status of psychedelic substances and do not promote illegal activities within the circle.
    Focus on the integration of past experiences rather than planning or encouraging future use.
  10. Professional Guidance
    Recognize the limits of the support that can be offered within the circle and the importance of seeking professional help when needed.

Attending team members

Caroline Harant, CMO

Caroline Harant

CMO @ Psychedelics Integration

Attending coaches