Psychedelic Integration Training & Retreat

3-5 November, 2023 — Ericeira, Portugal

Limited spots, use our code PSYCHINTEGRATECOACH05 for a 5% discount.


We believe in empowering the psychedelic ecosystem by equipping wellness practitioners, therapists, guides, and coaches with the tools to provide reciprocal, integrative, and loving integration care, for both substance & non-substance induced altered states of consciousness. By blending the wisdom of originary traditions and contemporary science, we promote responsibility, conscious transformation and professional growth through our unique integration methodology – the RECÍPROCO Method.


RECÍPROCO Retreats provide a unique environment where traditional wisdom is blended with contemporary scientific thought to foster a deeper understanding of psychedelic integration. At RECÍPROCO, the word “Psychedelic” goes beyond substance-induced altered states. We choose to include any experiences that lead to altered states of consciousness. This broad definition encapsulates everything from mindful practices like meditation and breathwork to impactful life events such as trauma, childbirth, and the phenomenon of falling in love.

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From November 3-5th in Ericeira, Portugal, we invite you to partake in an exclusive, substance-free retreat. The aim of this retreat is twofold: it’s designed to promote personal growth and self-understanding, while also equipping participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively guide others through their transformative journeys across the diverse spectrum of altered states of consciousness.

Standard Rates start at 444€ for shared rooms, up to 1.080€ for single rooms.

Limited spots, use our code PSYCHINTEGRATECOACH05 for a 5% discount.

At the heart of our retreats lies the RECÍPROCO Method. This is a comprehensive approach that fosters self-awareness and supplies a wide array of theoretical and practical tools, all designed to assist others in their personal journey of integration. The serene atmosphere of fall accentuates our focus on inward reflection and mutual exchange, making it the ideal season to retreat from the world, share experiences, and learn within a community of like-minded people.

No matter your background or level of experience, whether you are a seasoned therapist, a recently certified coach, or an enthusiastic facilitator, the RECÍPROCO Method is specifically designed to boost your personal and professional abilities. We provide a diverse mix of activities during our retreats, from lectures rooted in neuroscience to intensive somatic meditations and bodywork. By incorporating elements of neuroscience, psychology, traditional rituals, and integrative therapies, we deliver a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to psychedelic integration.

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The concept of reciprocity is a fundamental principle within the RECÍPROCO philosophy. This is embodied through the importance of the mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences, and we encourage participants to both teach and learn, and to experience and integrate. We believe in the power of shared wisdom and experiences to strengthen the process of personal growth and transformation, and enhance our collective ability to guide others on their respective transformative journeys.

By partaking in our retreats, you will become part of a vibrant, supportive community, dedicated to personal and collective growth. You will be equipped with a variety of practical tools and theoretical insights that will deepen your understanding of psychedelic integration, enhancing your ability to guide your clients through their transformative journeys. The RECÍPROCO Retreat is more than just a retreat—it’s an investment in your personal and professional development, and a commitment to the well-being and growth of others. 

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Professional Skills Enhancement

The RECÍPROCO Retreat broadens your coaching toolkit by providing insights into psychedelic integration, thereby enhancing your ability to guide clients through transformative journeys. Our comprehensive approach integrates elements of neuroscience, psychology, traditional rituals, and integrative therapies, providing a well-rounded understanding of psychedelic integration. 


Personal Growth

The hybrid retreat & training approach of this program promotes introspection and self-understanding, key elements to personal growth. We encourage a balance of personal and professional development and personal experience with these altered states experiences, which in turn can improve your effectiveness as an integration coach.


Community Connection

Joining the retreat connects you with a like-minded community of professionals, fostering an environment of mutual learning, professional exchange, and shared wisdom. 

Limited spots, use our code PSYCHINTEGRATECOACH05 for a 5% discount.

Meet the RECÍPROCO Facilitator Team

Amánda Efthimiou

Amánda Efthimiou

Founder INTEGRA, Educator, Facilitator, Writer

MSc Neuroscience & Psych

Sascha Anna Vriend

Sascha Anna Vriend

Clinical Psychologist & Body Psychotherapist

BSc Psych, MSc ClinPsych, & LCHP

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