Psychedelic Sauna: Sweaty Berlin Evening on LSD

NOT your average Tuesday in Berlin. Or how I ended up taking legal LSD naked with 50 strangers.

Psychedelic Society Berlin invited us for a psychedelic sauna: an evening full of cosiness, sweat, music & well… Psychedelics!

sweet and sweat

The unknown

All I knew was that Psychedelic Society Berlin was organizing a meetup in Sweet & Sweat, a Sauna in Kreuzberg. It was a cold Tuesday, the idea sounded pretty attractive. With my towels and my sandals, I went alone to the sauna without any attempts but to socialize and get sweaty.

After getting naked (something I love about Germany!!), I entered the chill tent and sat next to the first person I saw, who appeared to be one of the members of the Society. We directly sympathised, talking about Berlin, the nightlife and of course about substances!

People started to arrive, the fire to gently burn in the chimney and a DJ (Waves of Pleasure) to tune in some yummy downtempo tracks. I felt super cosy, safe and happy to have come! 

“Guys we are about to start the ceremony. Everyone take a cup and wait in line please” said a masculine voice. Sorry, what are we doing??

The ceremony

One detail that I apparently missed reading in the event info, was that we would all get a dose of 1D-LSD. Yes, you read correctly. On a casual Tuesday evening in cold & dark Neukölln. I hesitated for a second or two. I have experience with psychedelics, but in a certain set and setting that I decide myself. I have to work tomorrow. I know noone here. I need to cross half of Berlin to go back home afterwards. Should I do it?

My mind was running wild, looking for all the reasons to not take part in this experience. What could actually go wrong? Those guys look like they know what they are doing. The vibe is nice. The people are as friendly and curious as I am. YOLO.

We all got a microdose of 1D-LSD (from Fair-LSD) in a delicious strawberry-mint drink. Before drinking it, the person from Psychedelic Society Berlin explained to us what to expect, and that with the dosage we would be landing back around midnight, the time when the sauna was closing, and that we would be able to sleep. 

They also asked us to put an intention, and to bring this intention on top of our skin in order to sweat it in the sauna! My intention was to let go of everything that wasn’t serving me anymore and to start the year lightly.

The trip

Ok, I have to confess, the drink was so yummy and I was having so much fun, I did get a second cup! I was tripping. Naked. With strangers. And it was such a beautiful experience! 

I made friends with a woman from El Salvador and a guy from Argentina (my last 2 years living in Central America made me attract peeps from there!). We spoke in Spanish about the decisions that made us move to Berlin, our experiences with Psychedelics and so much more. From time to time I went to the tent nearby, aka the Sauna, to sweat for some minutes, before cold showering outside!

I eventually came to the DJ and talked with her. I sat by the fire outside and listened to it and the people around. I looked at the sky and managed to see some stars. And suddenly I forgot. I forgot that I was in Berlin. I forgot about the darkness of the winter here. I forgot about my insecurities and my lack of confidence. It felt so easy just TO BE. There were no barriers between the people that I had just met and myself.

This evening I felt lighter. It felt like everything was so easy and that we tend to overthink everything, making things complicated.

The way back home

The funny and challenging part was coming. I had to go all the way up to Prenzlauer Berg, on my own, with public transport. And I haven’t landed at all! If you have ever taken acid, you know what I am talking about. Checking my phone and making decisions about which way to take felt kind of complicated!

In the Ring Bahn, drunk people were screaming and throwing sushis (!!) at each other. I felt quiet and soooo aware. It was as if everything was sharper, clearer. I didn’t feel like listening to any music. I just wanted to be fully present. Even in the middle of the chaos, I felt peace.

It took me some time to fall asleep and my dreams went nuts. I was lucid dreaming about other dimensions.


Thinking that this event is LEGAL and that anyone could join is insane! I met people who were taking acid for the first time. Some, like me, weren’t aware that we would have some on that evening. Psychedelic Society Berlin managed to hold space for 30 people in a sweet (sweaty!) and light way.

This event is on a monthly basis, and I will definitely be back! Don’t miss their upcoming events.

1D-LSD, even if legal, is still a psychedelic which works on the mind as LSD. The Drug, Set & Setting framework should still apply. If you want to prepare for a trip, check out our coaches specialised in LSD!

Bonus: you can listen to Waves of Pleasure set she played during the evening here!

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