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Let your clients easily find you and aid them using our tools carefully created for the purpose of serving you.

We are always looking to welcome experienced psychedelic preparation and integration coaches to join our team.

Just focus on the people you help and we will take care of the rest. We are more than a booking service. We are a community. Our goal is to create clarity and disseminate knowledge around psychedelic experiences, integration, and beyond. 

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What do we provide for our coaches?

We provide you with everything you need to do what you do best: working with psychonauts in need of support for their experiences. Apart from the visibility of your profile, we will provide you with a complete booking system, video and information support, and payment processing.

Our mission

Our mission extends beyond operational ease. We want to create connections. We invite you to be a part of our growing community of coaches, and we encourage you to connect with our partners in support of your professional development.  Besides access to a breadth of information and a high-quality platform, we will offer workshops and other modes of interaction.


We are based on the Harm Reduction Principle. We are providing a service that allows people to find information and support after and before consuming Psychedelics. We believe that information is key in order to avoid negative outcomes. Psychedelics substances are illegal in several countries and therefore we don’t condone, encourage nor offer any substance based experience. Not all of our coaches are licenced psychologists for every region we are active, therefore we keep the right to bring up to the coachee the need to reach out to certified medical assistance. We will make our best effort to provide with certified state approved institutions if we feel that this could benefit the coachee.

For more information about Harm Reduction in Psychedelics we encourage you to check this out: Responding to Difficult Psychedelic Experience


What does the onboarding process look like?

The onboarding process consists of three stages.

Stage 1: Send us a brief bio and answer this questionnaire (link) with some information about you and your motivations.

Stage 2: Our team will invite you for an onboarding interview, where we get to know you and outline our values and intentions. If we are a good match, we can move forward.

Stage 3: You sign our ethics pledge (along with other documents?) and we work together to develop your profile.

What is the ethical framework you work with?

We are glad to adhere to the extensive and rigorous Global Code of Ethics promoted by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Find in the following link the official updated document and other guides related to inclusion: EMCC’s Global Code of Ethics

Who can apply to be a coach?

Right now we are looking for experienced Psychedelic Integration Coaches. It is part of our mission to include different approaches and backgrounds, we believe that there is no one solution fits all on this field. We are looking for highly ethical and committed individuals who would agree with our Ethical Code. For more information about the requirements and process check the Onboarding process FQA

Do I have to pay to be featured on the website?

No, as a Coach you don’t have any fix cost to be featured on the website. We will take a fee only on bookings. We want to help you find the people that need you the most, therefore we don’t want to have a monetary entry barrier.

What resources are available for coaches?

We are working to develop partnerships with different institutions around the world so we can offer our Coaches access to quality resources in order to keep their professional growth and formation.

What kind of Supervision is there?

Our coaches follow strict guidelines to ensure the quality of their work: EMCC’s quality and supervision