Société Psychédélique Française – meeting around iboga

June 20, 2023 7:00 pm CEST | 39 rue Gassendi, Paris, France

Parisian street

La Générale Nord-Est, the venue for Parisian book clubs, is organizing a meeting with Yann Guignon to talk about iboga at the weekly MIG (Mardi Informel de la Générale).

The event takes place on Tuesday, June 20 at 7 pm, at La Générale Nord-Est, 39 rue Gassendi, Paris.

A donation will be asked in order to participate.

Yann Guignon is a 48-year-old Franco-Gabonese, Consultant in Intercultural Mediation and Sustainable Development (firm “Traits d’Union”), Founder and Co-Director of the Social Organization “Blessings Of The Forest” (BOTF).

BOTF is dedicated to the study, preservation and sustainable/equitable development of the cultural/natural heritage of the peoples of Gabon, particularly a plant listed as part of Gabon’s cultural heritage: the Tabernanthe Iboga.

Iboga is an entheogenic plant endemic to Central West Equatorial Africa. For thousands of years, it has been at the heart of a significant initiation rite of Pygmy origin, then transmitted to dozens of Bantu ethnic groups: Bwiti. Yann has been an iboga initiate since 2004 and a Bwiti initiate since 2006, in the most rigorous branches of this tradition.

Introduced to the West 2 centuries ago, iboga has since toured the world for its many therapeutic virtues, particularly in treating opiate addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, iboga is in the process of disappearing from the Gabonese public domain, and the pharmaceutical industry has already patented numerous medicinal applications based on ibogaine, the active ingredient extracted from iboga.

Yann Guignon/BOTF, with a dual mandate from Gabonese traditional communities and the country’s central administrative authorities, is working to develop iboga associative plantations in Gabon and to preserve the interests of the communities that are custodians of this sacred heritage at an international level, notably by implementing the Nagoya Protocol ratified by Gabon in 2011.

Attending team members

Caroline Harant, CMO

Caroline Harant

CMO @ Psychedelics Integration