Online Psychedelic Integration Sharing Circle #1

May 13, 2022 12:00 am CET | Online


Biweekly open access Integration Circle.

Have you been through a Psychedelic experience and you are looking for a place where you can share and hold space for others in a safe and supervised environment? Are you trying to make sense of it or bring back to earth some of your insights?

We are offering biweekly integration circles, chaired by one of our experienced coaches, to create a safe space for sharing and integrating your experience. These circles are donation-based and open to anyone regardless of experience or background.

What is an Integration Sharing Circle?

It is a controlled space with framework rules where every participant will get time to share their own experience and hold space for the rest of the participants. Being heard and hearing other people’s experiences are proven tools to keep processing and integrating our own processes.

Please note:

  • Pre-registration is compulsory as places are limited.
  • If the session is booked you will be added to our Waiting List in case we get a cancellation.
  • If you can’t make it please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so we can assign the place to someone else.
  • You will get a link after the registration is done to your email, check your spam folder! In case you don’t get it you can e-mail us at
  • Sharing is not mandatory but encouraged, each participant willing to share will have 5 minutes.
  • The language of the session will be English.
  • To have a good atmosphere we ask the participants to have a working camera and activate it during the call
  • Everything shared inside the session is strictly confidential and it won’t be recorded.
  • It’s a free event but we will be happy to receive donations after

See you then!