Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

January 13, 2023 12:00 am CET | Mühlenbeckerland, Brandenburg, Germany

Dandelion Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

Two of our coaches are holding a Holotropic Breathwork Workshop this month, in nature, around 30min away from Berlin!

What is this? Holotropic Breathwork is a breath-based form of therapy that uses fast breathing exercises, evocative music and bodywork to help you explore your mind and release emotional blocks. When you do holotropic breathwork, the practitioner guides you, the breather, to the point of hyperventilation and, ultimately, a non-ordinary state of consciousness.


Two holotropic breathwork sessions; each participant will have one experience as a breather and one a sa sitter.


Friday: 5pm registration / 6pm opening circle and general aspects of holotropic breathwork

Saturday: breathwork day

Sunday: brunch, sharing & integration circle. The workshop will finish at approx. 1pm.


Near Berlin in Mühlenbeckerland, aprox. 30 minutes drive or with public transport from the city center.


The price includes accommodation, vegetarian meals/snacks and the workshop fee.

Shared room 600€ / Double room 750€ / Single room 900€

The weekend is intended for a small and intimate group. No previous experience with breathwork is needed to participate in this event.


The venue of the workshop is an old barn, recently and beautifully renovated, with lots of space and very confortable. The forest and a small lake for swimming are in walking distance.


We are an international team of highly trained, experienced, and skilled facilitators who will be supporting your journey. We are bringing diversity by coming from different backgrounds and seamless teamwork as we have been working together for many years on different projects in several countries, utilizing various practices and method of expanded states of consciousness. We are dedicated to creating safe and supportive spaces for our client sand will be there with an attitude of confidence and respect, curiosity, and kindness. We are looking forward to hold the space for you in whatever your intention for this workshop is.

If you feel called to take part and your financial circumstances would be the only reason not to participate, please let us know and we will look for a solution.

If you can and want to pay more, you are welcome to do so and we will allocate the additional funds to enable participation for those who struggle financially. For any further questions and to register, please write to us:



You are welcome just as you are, no matter whether you are coming from personal or professional interests. Thank you for your trust and attention, looking forward to be in contact with you!

Simona & Lili

Attending coaches