[Canceled] holo-creatual: Holotropic breathwork & creative-ritual retreat

June 16, 2023 4:00 pm CEST | Dom Wilka, 20 km. from Berlin


Dear Ones,
I am sorry to share this news, we have to cancel the coming Holocreatual workshop for June 16th. Due to private reasons and a forced unexpected travel from Meike, we made the decision to make it in this way.

We will inform you about coming dates. Meantime, all the strength and power to Meike!

I am looking forward to meet you if you feel like being part of this powerful journey and make it together!!



16-18 June 2023

We often feel stuck in our lives: When pain and fear are dominating us. When unfulfilled wishes trouble our sleep. When we hope to find the connections we have lost. When we hope to find the connections we have lost and long for the love we lack.

Are you looking to feel lighter, more alive and ready to put some essential puzzle pieces together?

Inspire yourself to take action, to understand how to let go and allow to receive: participate in this powerful journey, guided and supported by the magic of your own breath and the experience of unique creative rituals.

Join us in this life-changing retreat, where holotropic Breathwork and Creatuals work hand in hand at DOM WILKA (House of the Wolf). “A breathtaking experience!”

During this retreat, you will experience the therapeutic potential of holotropic states. Modern consciousness research shows the power of breathing techniques, while rituals have been a universal feature throughout humanity. It has the potential to transform something ordinary into a powerful and meaningful experience. Breathwork and Ritual are a combination which can provide extraordinary healing.


Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is an experiential method developed in the 70s by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina (his former wife), for deep self-exploration. It has a common ground with experiential therapies which focus on direct emotional expression and work with the body providing access to the biographical, perinatal, and transpersonal material of the unconscious.

Is a very powerful method which combines very simple elements: accelerated breathing while the breather listens to a set of intense music in the presence of a trained facilitator, who supports and accompanied the session with very specific bodywork. It induces deep holotropic states of consciousness, also known as Non-ordinary states of consciousness (NSCs) or holotropic states, which provide deep healing, and activate the mind-body connection with minimal risk for the participants when guided by a trained facilitator.

Contraindications: cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, epilepsy, recent surgical operations or fractures, advanced pregnancy. Breathwork is meant to support transformation processes and times of crisis. Nevertheless, participants must have a stable emotional to take part in it. No previous experience with any form of Breathwork is required to participate.

Creatuals: Creative Ritual Design

Creatuals are uniquely crafted ‘creative rituals’ to mark special moments and give symbolic meaning to subjects that matter. They are designed and played out for any kind of opening, closing, connection or change process.

Through the creatual methodology, you will be guided to recognise and define the core dilemma of your discovered issues during the breathwork session. In steps, you will design your personal creative ritual recipe. By choosing ingredients and objects that are symbolically related to your story and combining their specific way, you will learn to craft your solution ritual concept to play out when the time is right.

With creatual work, you learn to understand how you can symbolically close old doors and open new ones in search of new daylight. A self-designed creatual can provoke magical solutions to issues with, for you, significant meaning.


Workshop Fee: 280€

Package Prices (6 meals and accommodation):

  • Dom Wilka
    • Shared Room (2-3 p) 660€
    • Private Room 800€
    • Double-bed room 720€
  • Basic Hotel (10min walk)
    • Private Room 800€
    • Double Room 720€


Call or e-mail us to receive the registration form with a medical questionary (mandatory for participation).

Once we receive your filled registration and accept your assistance, you will receive the banking details to secure your place. Please transfer a deposit of 350€ within three days after acceptance.

The deposit is refundable until three weeks before the seminar. If you are unable to attend, we are happy to discuss whether you take part in the next event if the places are available.

Confirmed participants will receive a few days before the seminar all necessary information about preparation and what to bring along.


Liliana Vásquez Mock > Facilitator

Lili, a native of Colombia, is a psychologist. In the last 21 years she studied different Breathing Techniques while living in Asia, Germany and Switzerland where she also studied Jungian Psychology in the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She studied and worked directly with Dr Stanislav Grof and became a certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner in 2009. She facilitated several workshops in Europe with him. For the last 20 years, Lili has had a particular interest in the use of indigenous healing modalities that heavily rely on their sacred plants’ systems. Working close with different indigenous tribes in Colombia and Brazil, Lili was supervised by Dr Ralph Metzner. She initiated several projects with Medical Cannabis in her homeland, from where she contributed to bringing top-quality products to support medical conditions for patients.

Lili has researched and experienced many different methods of self-exploration in directions of; Enneagram, Sufism and Buddhism, yoga, meditation, homoeopathy and alternative healing. All with the aim to promote deep transformational processes in life and support the integration of challenging experiences with expanded states of consciousness. As a mother of two young daughters, she considers herself a radical lover of the Divine, she’s passionate about nature and animals. Today Lili is offering a wide range of workshops in different modalities and works ‘one on one’ with clients in her praxis.

Liliana Vasquez Mock
0176 32215467

Meike Ziegler > Creative Alchemist

Meike Ziegler is an artist and conceiver of extraordinary experiences. She began Creatuals with the “aim to invite people out of their patterns of expectation, create unique spaces and experiences, lend new meaning to known objects and give moments impact and memory. ”Breaking Patterns. Moving Minds.” As founder and creator of Creatuals, Meike developed dozens of Creatual recipes, workshops and lectures for individuals, organizations, companies and communities. Some social art projects: Handshape Project (30 years fall of the Berlin wall), Table of Hope (South Africa and Ghana), House of One, Berlin (3 religions in one house).

With a formal background in Art History, Graphic Design and Media Production, she has worked with design and multimedia companies in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and New York. In 2002 she established her own design studio based in Amsterdam. Meike founded Creatuals in 2009 to design spaces, objects and experiences — modern rituals — that are distinctive and memorable. She is committed to designing modern rituals for issues and moments that matter most. In 2013 she developed a unique method to give workshops and help people design their own creatuals for life-changing moments.

Meike Ziegler 0176 24389063



DOM WILKA ‘House of the Wolf’ is an old barn brimming with creative energy. Magical spaces filled with symbolic objects and extraordinary stories.

Beautiful designed studios to rent for mind, soul and bodywork.

An invite to your ‘creative mind’ and ‘brave being’ to tap into wonder and to open doors of new perspectives and understanding.


Feldheimerstraße 5a Mühlenbeckerland, Oberhavel 23 km from Centre of Berlin

Dom Wilka entrance at Kirschweg!


North highway ring 10 > Exit Mühlenbeck

_ Follow signs to Mühlenbeck.

_ Turn right after the 1st bus-stop.

_ Turn Left at end of the road.

_ Follow Schmachtenhagerstraße till end.

_ Drive 100 meters into the Kirschweg.

_ Dom Wilka Parking is on the left.

BY Sbahn (S8)

_ Go to Pankow Station

_ From Pankow take the S8 to Mühlenbeck/Mönchmühle (direction > Birkenwerde)

_ At Mühlenbeck Station: Walk or take a bus to Feldheimerstraße.

Attending coaches