Psychotherapist, body worker, life coach, ceremonial preparation and integration specialist
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Psychotherapist, body worker, life coach, ceremonial preparation and integration specialist


I like to combine different forms of therapeutic approaches intuitively and according to the needs of the present moment. We all possess the knowledge of what we need in order to reach our full potential. Through exploration of the conscious and unconscious, we can find matching tools to create your unique journey of deep inner transformation, bringing you into your innate inner wisdom.

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Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapeh, Wachuma, Yopo, Mushrooms, Mambe, 5 Meo-DMT, Microdosing


I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, body worker, and integration coach.



German, English


Berlin, Germany

I have often been struggling with the integration after ayahuasca ceremonies, not knowing how to handle the emotions that had been stirred up. Jana has been doing a tremendous job at guiding me better understand and work with my shadows. I’m very grateful for all she has given me.
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I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, educated in systemic therapy, psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. I have a background in addiction counseling and am working and training as a clinical psychotherapist in a rehabilitation facility for psychosomatic and addictive disorders. I am also trained in energetic body therapy.

Some of my frames of reference include humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, depth psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), embodiment theory, energetic bodywork and mindfulness-based approaches.

Since 2019, I have begun training with an indigenous scholar from Brazil to learn about the healing properties of the Amazonian master plants and the ancient technologies operating in ceremonial contexts.


's approach to Psychedelic Integration

A popular sentence here is “you are never not integrating”. This is certainly true when looking at an individual’s biography and their relationship with altered states of consciousness. Luckily, there is a big variety of tools available in psychedelic integration work.

The most important question is what integration means to you.

The answer to this is something that sometimes needs some conscious introspection over time to develop into an idea. It helps to look at what you would like to learn from your experiences and how you can apply your insights into your personal biography, and ultimately your daily life. Integration also happens in between coaching sessions, so my approach is to leave clients with work to take home.

An important aspect of my integration sessions is the space for questions around psychedelic education. Integration begins with conscious preparation. I support the idea of preparing for an experience by learning about harm reduction and knowing the container of a safe set and setting. I believe even with years of experience with psychedelics there are still things we can learn and it can be useful to have an exploration around what these terms mean on the psychological, physical, individual and collective level.

In less than ideal circumstances, psychedelics can lead to harmful and damaging experiences that can cause long lasting adverse effects. There are two sides to every coin however, and these challenging experiences can be integrated with the help of an integration coach. That being said, a psychedelic experience can be more than just a good or bad trip. It can be a rite of passage and an instrument for self-exploration. Through putting in the conscious effort and intention, and with care and consideration in regards to the preparation and integration of a psychedelic experience, we can apply a meaningful translation of this inner work into our everyday lives.

The benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to psychedelics

It is my belief that we can benefit from the integration work around psychedelic experiences even more if we look at it in a broad interdisciplinary and cross-cultural context.

Through the years I have spent studying psychotherapy, energetic bodywork and indigenous teachings in plant medicine, I have seen how beneficial it can be to build a bridge between these worlds. By utilising what interdisciplinary techniques have proven to be helpful, combining different modalities taught within these approaches, and bringing them together in complimentary succession, they can be uniquely adapted to serve the individual.

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