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Psychotherapeutic coach for psychedelic preparation and integration, registered psychotherapist specialising in complex trauma


London, United Kingdom

From 85£/session


Mindfulness Meditation
Somatic Interventions
Psychotherapeutic coaching

Areas of expertise

Complex PTSD
Attachment Issues
Panic Attacks

About Ava

As a registered psychotherapist specializing in treating complex trauma and attachment problems and someone who has put herself through numerous psychedelic journeys in different ceremonial settings with other shamans and facilitators, I can help you with integration and preparation.

Ava's approach to integration

Psychedelics will amplify our current emotional states and bring up thoughts, emotions, memories, and even traumas we are unaware of, which can be challenging to integrate. However, the integration of the painful, dissociated parts of ourselves is inevitable before psychedelics can help us expand our consciousness.

During a psychedelic journey, emotions, memories, and core beliefs often manifest as complex images, so it can be difficult to differentiate between the projections from our own psyche and the so-called ‘downloads’.  To help you untangle all the different strands a psychedelic journey entails, we work with fantasies, dream states, emotions, and unconscious processes. As I work in an integrative manner, I also use cognitive-behavioural and somatic interventions and can teach you techniques and strategies to regulate your nervous system and build your somatic capacity to better cope with difficult emotions.  You lead, I follow, and with my guidance, you slowly gain more insight into your journey.

Psychotherapy is based on the concept of integrating every aspect of our personality so that we can accept who we are – including our shadow parts – entirely, wholeheartedly, without feeling shame so that we can live an authentic life as our true selves.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on psychedelic integration and my approach to it, please read the following article.


  • M.Sc. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Certified yoga and meditation teacher
  • Parent-infant psychotherapist

Ava's offerings

  • 85£ per session
  • 5 sessions for 350£

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