About US

Our goal is to create clarity and disseminate knowledge around psychedelic experiences, integration, and beyond.

Who are we?

We are a group of experienced professionals on a mission to build the strongest community of Integration Coaches worldwide. High quality support after psychedelic experiences is not easy to find.

That’s why we founded Psychedelics-Integration.com - to connect the best integration coaches around the world with the people seeking their assistance. 

We are more than a booking service. We are a community. Our goal is to create clarity and disseminate knowledge around psychedelic experiences, integration, and beyond. 

People Behind the Lights
Meet our team
Andres Rose

Business and Startup background with a personal interest in Psychology, History and Philosophy. Brought to the Psychedelics world in a moment of need and eager to help other people through the hard task to get clear and trustable support.

Chin Man Yeung

A problem solver and a technologist, Chin holds a master's degree in Human Computer Interaction and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, his education is paired with a decade of experience in the tech industry.

Chin's interest in cognition and his desire to understand the state of flow led him explore a broad range of transformative practices.

Academic and partners coordinator
Hannah De Waal

With a passion for investigating the mind and body, Hannah aims to bridge intellectual and experiential ways of learning. She wishes to further the psychedelic science field through both rigorous research and embodied clinical practice.

Hannah graduated from Leiden University with a master’s degree in health and medical psychology.

What do we provide for our coaches?

We provide you with everything you need to do what you do best: working with psychonauts in need of support for their experiences. Apart from the visibility of your profile, we will provide you with a complete booking system, video and information support, and payment processing.

Our mission

Our mission extends beyond operational ease. We want to create connections. We invite you to be a part of our growing community of coaches, and we encourage you to connect with our partners in support of your professional development.  Besides access to a breadth of information and a high-quality platform, we will offer workshops and other modes of interaction.


We are based on the Harm Reduction Principle. We are providing a service that allows people to find information and support after and before consuming Psychedelics. We believe that information is key in order to avoid negative outcomes. Psychedelics substances are illegal in several countries and therefore we don't condone, encourage nor offer any substance based experience. Not all of our coaches are licensed psychologists for every region we are active, therefore we keep the right to bring up to the coachee the need to reach out to certified medical assistance. We will make our best effort to provide with certified state approved institutions if we feel that this could benefit the coachee.

For more information about Harm Reduction in Psychedelics we encourage you to check the following resource: Psychedelic Harm Reduction

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