3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone), often known as 3-Mephedrone, is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class, which is chemically similar to the naturally occurring compound cathinone found in the khat plant. It is part of the ‘designer drug’ category, which are substances specifically designed to mimic the effects of more well-known drugs while avoiding legal restrictions.

Other names given to 3-MMC:

  • 3-Mephedrone
  • Metaphedrone
  • 3-Methyl MC
  • 3-Methylephedrone


Users of 3-MMC report a range of experiences, often including increased energy, euphoria, and enhanced sociability. However, experiences can vary greatly depending on the dose, method of consumption, individual psychology, and environmental factors.


PsychologicalEuphoria: A sense of intense happiness and well-being.
Increased Sociability: Enhanced desire to socialize and communicate with others.
Heightened Empathy: Increased feelings of emotional closeness and understanding towards others.
Increased Energy and Alertness: Similar to other stimulants, leading to a feeling of being more awake and active.
Mood Enhancement: Temporary improvement in mood and a feeling of lightness.
Altered Perception: Changes in the way one perceives time, space, and sensory input.
PhysiologicalIncreased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: As a stimulant, it can cause a noticeable increase in heart rate and blood pressure.
Increased Body Temperature: Potential for overheating, which can be dangerous in crowded or warm environments.
Appetite Suppression: Common with stimulants, leading to reduced food intake.
Insomnia: Difficulty in falling asleep or disrupted sleep patterns.
Dilated Pupils: A common response to stimulant substances.

How to

  • Oral Ingestion:
    • Onset and Duration: This method has a slower onset of effects, usually taking 30 minutes to an hour to kick in, but the effects can last several hours.
    • Experience: Oral ingestion is often associated with a more gradual and prolonged experience.
  • Insufflation (Snorting):
    • Onset and Duration: Snorting leads to a quicker onset of effects, typically within a few minutes, but the overall duration might be shorter compared to oral ingestion.
    • Experience: The effects are more intense but may last for a shorter duration. This method can be more damaging to the nasal passages.
  • Smoking:
    • Onset and Duration: Smoking provides an almost immediate onset of effects, but like snorting, the duration is often shorter.
    • Experience: Effects from smoking can be intense and rapid, but this method carries additional risks such as lung damage.
  • Injection:
    • Onset and Duration: Injection leads to immediate effects, with both high intensity and risk.
    • Experience: This method is the most risky, increasing the likelihood of addiction and the potential for serious health complications, including the risk of contracting blood-borne diseases.
  • Sublingual (Under the Tongue):
    • Onset and Duration: Sublingual administration has a quicker onset than oral ingestion but slower than snorting or smoking.
    • Experience: The effects are more controlled than smoking or injection but more intense than oral ingestion.

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Benefits & Risks

BenefitsEuphoria and Increased Sociability: Users often report feelings of euphoria, increased sociability, and heightened empathy, which are sought-after effects in recreational settings.
Increased Energy and Alertness: Like other stimulants, 3-MMC can provide temporary boosts in energy and alertness.
Potential for Research: While not currently recognized for therapeutic use, novel substances like 3-MMC may offer avenues for research into treatment for various conditions.
RisksAddiction and Abuse Potential: Like many stimulants, 3-MMC has a high potential for abuse and addiction. Regular use can lead to psychological dependence.
Neurotoxicity: There is concern about the potential neurotoxic effects of 3-MMC, although specific long-term studies are lacking.
Cardiovascular Issues: Stimulants like 3-MMC can increase heart rate and blood pressure, posing risks to individuals with pre-existing heart conditions.
Mental Health Effects: Usage can exacerbate or trigger mental health issues such as anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis, especially in those predisposed to such conditions.
Physical Health Risks: Adverse effects may include nausea, headaches, overheating, dehydration, and in severe cases, seizures.

Therapeutic Use

As of now, there is no recognized therapeutic use for 3-MMC in formal medical practice. Its use is predominantly recreational and not supported by clinical research.

Personal Growth

Some individuals claim to have experienced personal insights or a sense of increased connection with others while using substances like 3-MMC. However, these anecdotal reports should be weighed against the potential risks and lack of clinical evidence supporting such outcomes.


The legal status of 3-MMC varies by country and region. It has been made illegal in some countries due to its potential for abuse and harm, but in others, it may still fall into a legal grey area.

History & Stats

3-MMC emerged in the early 21st century as part of the wave of new psychoactive substances. It gained popularity as an alternative to other banned stimulants, such as mephedrone (4-MMC).

Accurate statistics on 3-MMC use are challenging to obtain due to its status as a new and relatively under-researched substance. However, it has been reported in various contexts, including in drug seizures and hospital admissions.


Common myths may include the belief that 3-MMC is safe because it’s legal in some places, or that it’s a harmless party drug. The reality is that its legal status doesn’t equate to safety, and its use can pose significant health risks.

It’s important to approach 3-MMC with caution and understand its effects and risks. Have you had an experience with 3-MMC and need support to integrate it? Or do you plan on having one and want the best setting possible? Book a session with one of our coaches.

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