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With the growth in interest for psychedelics in a therapeutic context more and more educational providers are creating programs offering psychedelic therapist training. If you want to work in the psychedelic field as a psychedelic coach, or therapist or are looking to deepen your knowledge around entheogens don’t look further!

We have selected for you the top psychedelic programs and courses, carefully curated by pioneers in the field such as Psychedelics Today, RECÍPROCO, Amánda Efthimiou, C.J. Spotswood, Dr. Ido Cohen, Dr. James Fadiman & much more.

Psychedelic Integration Training for Professionals

Join RECÍPROCO for the second edition of their training for professionals.
This course is for professionals supporting those exploring altered states of consciousness, both substance and non-substance-induced.

Facilitators: Amánda Efthimiou, Sascha Anna Vriend
Bonus: Community Platform, Integration Handbook



Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care & Integration

  • Introduction to Psychedelics
  • Psychedelic Research: Past and Present
  • Preparation, Safety, and Harm Reduction
  • Exploring Dr. Stanislav Grof’s
  • Theories and Framework
  • Exploring Self-Care
  • Integration

Facilitators: Kyle Buller & Joe Moore
Bonus: Trip Journal & Integration Workbook!

Psychedelics Today


Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Wellness Practitioners

  • Psychedelic History
  • Science-based theory and current data
  • Harm reduction
  • Clinical applications
  • Space-holding skills
  • Legal considerations

Facilitators: Jasmine Virdi & Diego Pinzon
Bonus: Trip Journal & Integration Workbook!

Psychedelics Today


Microdosing Masterclass

  • What is microdosing?
  • How to microdose mushrooms?
  • How long does a microdose last?
  • Best Practices for Effective Microdosing

Facilitators: Adam Bramlage, Dr. James Fadiman

Psychedelics Today


Ketamine & Trauma Treatment

  • What is ketamine?
  • What is ketamine-therapy?
  • In-depth conversation on how ketamine can be used to treat trauma, depression & more.

Facilitators: Veronika Gold & Kyle Buller

Psychedelics Today


History and Opportunities of Psychedelics

  • Use of psychedelics in shamanic healing practices & world religions
  • the Psychedelic Renaissance
  • Clinical studies and therapeutic uses
  • Growing career paths and professional specializations

Facilitators: Jerry B. Brown & Julie M. Brown

Psychedelics Today


The Psychedelic Experience & Carl Jung Psychology

  • Collective unconscious and archetypes
  • Psychedelic Experience from Jungian Perspective
  • the Conundrum of Altered States
  • encountering the Sahdow, befriending the Paradox
  • working with the Symbols of the Unconscious

Facilitator: Johanna Hilla-Maria Sopanen

Psychedelics Today


DMT x Psychonaut Training Webinar

  • DMTx Psychonaut Training Protocol
  • Skills are required for secure and profoundly transformative psychedelic journeys
  • Breathwork Techniques for Resolving Trauma
  • Employing cannabis as a psychedelic tool for exploration

Facilitator: Daniel McQueen

Psychedelics Today


Psychedelics and the Shadow

  • What is the Shadow
  • Carl Jung
  • Difference between the Dark and Golden Shadow
  • How psychedelics may aid in spiritual bypassing and may inflate the ego rather than dissolve it
  • How capitalism is shaping and fueling the shadow aspects of psychedelics

Facilitators: Dr. Ido Cohen & Kyle Buller

Psychedelics Today


Psychedelics in Psychiatry (CE)

  • Potential Use of Psychedelics for the Improvement of Persistent and Intractable Mental Health Symptoms for Nursing Practice.

Facilitator: C.J. Spotswood, author of The Microdosing Guidebook

Psychedelics Today


Microdosing Course

  • Science behind Microdosing
  • Legal landscape of psychedelics
  • Microdosing applications and benefits
  • Peak performance, cognitive enhancement and creativity
  • Microdosing and physical health
  • How to safely source your medicine



Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Growing Kit
  • Step-by-step Mushroom Growing Course
  • Expert Mycologist Support



Explore top-tier programs handpicked for professionals and the psychedelically curious, from trusted sources to fuel innovation, expertise, and awareness. When you join a course via our platform, you boost your growth and support our vision. Plus, we benefit from each enrollment, helping us bring more opportunities to you.

Courses FAQ

Psychedelics Integration does not encourage or condone any illegal activities, including but not limited to the use of illegal substances. Our mission is to reduce harm and destigmatise psychedelics by informing and supporting people. Our professionals are there for you before or after a psychedelic experience, not during.