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I am a coach. I will help you to get where you want to go. I use systemic understanding and emotional leadership based on a lifetime of experience and training to create a safe space in which you can define what you are looking for. Based on your own self-healing knowledge and wisdom we then integrate your experience into your everyday life.

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Bufo Alvarius

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Holotropic Breathwork

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Addiction counselling related to 12 steps program


Holotropic Breathwork, Bufo Alvarius, LSD, Meditation, addiction- counseling related to 12 step-programs


Systemic coach, art-coach, addiction counselling



German, English


Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang helped me in a moment of severe crisis. He has profound knowledge and skill in coping with crises and creating meaningful new perspectives and narratives for growth and healing. He connected to me deeply and helped me integrate a very difficult psychedelic experience. It turned out to be an opportunity of existential growth and re-stabilisation. Wolfgang has the heart and soul for this work. I can fully recommend him.
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I come from the other side of the tracks.

When I was 18 in „68“, I considered myself a psychonaut. My heroes were Aldous Huxley, Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and most of all Stanislav Grof. I tried everything that Carlos Castaneda let Don Juan, his Yaqui-shaman taught. Like many of us at the time I had no idea of preparation or integration. The weirder the set and the setting the better. It ended badly. The expanded conscience was not leading us anywhere but into frustration and more and more numbing substances. Many of my companions ended up in jail, hospitals or cemeteries.  

We were disappointed from the „medicine“ and many turned to oblivion. It took me a long time and a winding road to understand that psychedelics are the key not the solution. They can open a door, but one has to go through it to find something. And if you have an idea of what you are looking for it might help you to find it. Having someone to help you to understand how to use this new „key“ can bring the benefit one is looking for.  

I was always connected to the world of Films and Cinema. After a career behind the camera I dared to step in front. At age 40 I studied acting in NY and got confronted with myself. Uta Hagen, my great teacher used to say: „you all came here to learn how to be somebody else. We teach you how to be yourself … in costume“ It was a life-changing, wonderful but also painful process. All the patched up hidden trauma knocked on my door. When I was with my back to wall I was lucky to have teachers that explained to me, that all the „bodies in my basement“ are not a burden but a gift and that I can turn them into art when I accept them as part of me. That was a totally new concept for me. Luckily I got suggestions on how to open these doors.

I started to meditate. I changed my habits and avoided mind numbing drugs and alcohol. I started to face my demons. A lot of the information that I got in the 60's started to finally make sense. So called „coincidences“ led me to teachers that introduced me to methods of Breathwork combined with meditation that helped me to carefully lift the layers of covered-up trauma. After 10 years of acting I listened to the call and went back to study.  My intention as a coach was to help actors and artist to reveal their „myth“, their core-identity.

As a systemic-coach I believe, the source of all creativity is fantasy. To use it, it is necessary to become transparent. Often clients were blocked and unable to access their intuition.  

I developed simple interventions to open the door to meditation, Breathwork and other mind-opening practices.  

Through my contact to „Mind-foundation“ I realised that my tools are perfect for the preparation and integration process of psychedelic experiences. I joined the professional section for „psychedelic coaching“.

My experience with addiction- and abstinence programs motivates me to offer counseling in this area. I have experience with group-work and mixed interventions. Whatever works…  

's approach to Psychedelic Integration

Preparation and integration are individual.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong intervention. We decide and then we do this together. We look at your intentions and expectations and determine what might be best for you. You are the one that knows yourself best. I help you to get to your intuition and to formulate your intention.  

It’s like when you plan a discovery trip to a foreign country. You can just go… but then you might miss the most relevant experiences. But even worse, you might be confronted with situations that could enrich your life profoundly, but you miss them because of false information resulting in fear of the unknown.  If you would be prepared by someone that has been there before, you not only recognize and handle the challenges…  you might even enjoy them.  

Therefore I offer preparation and integration. I have been there  and can help to prepare and integrate your journey. I can help you to catalog and utilize all the experiences you've had.  

Integration is not a one-time thing. How does Integration work?  Integration is a personal process. It depends on your individual intentions and the experiences you've had. „One on one“ sessions are a start. Sharing is an important tool and is most effective in groups. Watching the healing of others in a safe and anonymous environment with people you can identify with is truly integrating you own experiences.  

My job is to provide a safe space: physically, mentally and spiritually. In this atmosphere you  can integrate your experiences in your every-day life. The implementation is done by your own self-healing power. Like a trainer in a gym, I can help to develop your own strength to trust your intuition and follow your own natural wisdom.  

I am open to a short consultation pre-call.

Articles written by this coach
The long road from Head to Heart

We understand so much. We interpret immediately. We read about the use of plant medicine, watch all the videos and see interesting films. We sit and define our intention. Then we do a ceremony with a group or a guide and go on the journey. And now… we are back. Back to our daily life, the routine, the obligations, the dread-mill and and and. We are back to all the reasons we wanted the “medicine” and the journey to help in the first place. Now what?

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