Simona Rakusa

Simona Rakusa

Psychedelic Integration Coach and Mentor
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Psychedelic Integration Coach and Mentor

Simona Rakusa

Through curious exploration, I support you to expand your understanding and felt-sense of your extraordinary experiences and yourself in relation to them. More self-empowered than before, you can then choose what action towards change is right for you - right here, right now.

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Master Plants
Psychoactive Substances

Methods and approaches

Holotropic Breathwork

Coaching specialities

Beyond Experience Psychedelic Integration Programme
Footsteps Online Psychedelic Integration Journey


Beyond Experience Psychedelic Integration Programme (co-creator and facilitator), Footsteps Online Psychedelic Integration Journey, Meditation, Yoga, Masterplants, Psychoactive Substances



  • Holotropic Breathwork (certified facilitator)
  • Academy of Executive Coaching (EMCC amd ICF accredited programme)
  • Jungian Coaching (ICF accredited programme)
  • Beyond Experience Psychedelic Integration Programme (co-creator and facilitator)


English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian


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Simona Rakusa

I am dedicated to providing safe, caring and professional settings for people to experience transformative potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness in different modalities and to support them to properly prepare for and to integrate their experiences into their everyday realities.

I am certified holotropic breatwork facilitator and trained in other modalities of inducing non-ordniary states of consciousness with altogether over 1000 hours of training and self experience plus another 1000 hours of workshops and retreats held and co-facilitated together with my colleagues in the last 12 years (300+ sessions).

Together with my colleagues, we created Beyond Experience integration workshop at Mind Foundation and I am regularly facilitating these 5-days self-experience workshops in Berlin.

For me, life is an incredible opportunity to learn and develop.
I am currently studying integrative psychotherapy and somatic experiencing method to deepen my capacities to support my clients. Simultaneously, I am in a process of becoming coaching and mentoring supervisor to support my colleagues in their coaching practice.

My story with exploring transformative potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness and started when I was still very much engaged in the corporate world. Soon after, I got fired and with time it turned out that what felt like hitting the rock bottom in my career was actually the best thing that could happen to me. It was a wake-up call that encouraged me to start my first coaching training that helped me to remember certain ideas and beliefs about myself, refashion them and discover my desire as well as my capacity to support people in making their dreams come true.

Over the last 20 years, there were many successes as well. I have been thriving in many jobs and gained quite some credentials. Still, I was very much stuck in my mind and an incredible perfectionist. This started changing for me when I came in contact with deep work in non-ordinary states of consciousness in 2009 through Holotropic Breathwork. My first workshop was love on a first breath.

Through breathwork, I started connecting with my deep inner parts, discovering that beside my controlling mind, there is a whole world full of wisdom, strength and beauty within me. As I continued exploring, I got to know other modalities of expanding consciousness and became passionate about this work.

I was experiencing how my self-limiting beliefs and anxieties, unprocessed events and emotions are holding me back from living my life fully. Therefore I embarked on a life long journey of honest relationships with myself and others in order to become the best version of myself.

Feel ready to harvest the presents your extraordinary experiences are carrying for you?

Let's meet in a 30 minutes consultation pre-call.

Simona Rakusa

's approach to Psychedelic Integration

Integration for me is a process of learning from your extraordinary experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purpose of growth and wellbeing in your everyday life.

Weather you have been exploring non-ordinary states of consciusness in retreats, ceremonies, therapeutic settings or with your friends in recreational use, they have the power to provide us with the full spectrum of potent experiences. As blisfull or as troublesome as they might appear, when you approach them with curiosity and reverence, they can become the most profound and significant experiences of your life.

What can you expect in the process?

Substance or non-substance associated, they arise as compressed experiences that are calling you to pay attention, make space and explore them from different angles. For that to happen, we create safe and supportive space and time for them to expand beyond extraordinary and manifest themselves as learnings in cognitive, emotional and spiritual landscape of your ordinary existence. Above all, I meet you as you are, with my open heart and mind and offer understanding, compassion and absolute support.

What is the framework of the process?

My integration program consists of 6 sessions in duration of 1 hour each within 3 months. For the time between sessions I offer you creative exercises to support you in further exploration of your learnings and insights. Also, I am at your disposal for consultations and interventions in our private chat group. While closing the process we review your process and evaluate possible further steps.

How is your life by the end of the process?

The process helps you to make better sense of your experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness and grow your capacity to accept different aspects of yourself. You can learn to better navigate such experiences and to make them beneficial for your everyday life. You learn integration methods and techniques you can use for yourself and others.

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