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To utilize the power and the wisdom gained via enhanced states of consciousness, it is necessary to integrate those experiences into conscious awareness and contextualize them within the framework of our everyday reality. We need to „fish them out“ of that sea of mind/ body/ spirit experiences and grab hold of them, so as not to let those deep insights sink back into the depths of the subconscious.

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Meditation, Yoga, Trance techniques, body and breath work, Integration after experiences with sacred plants and LSD, life energy work


Psychologist, Therapist in Psychodrama and Gestalt Therapy, Couple Therapist



German, English, Spanish


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Integration of Experiences

I have been exploring states of consciousness for many years – both altered states and states that are simply „different“from everyday conscious awareness. Through a variety of different approaches, I have personally come to a deeper understanding of self, soul, and existence.

Be it via meditation, soul travel, dreams, and psychedelic states (or other methods) we are able to reach deeper inner realms than everyday conscious awareness gives us access to. The realm of the subconscious and the collective subconscious, the transpersonal realm of being, and many more are made more accessible by the aforementioned methods and can be exciting, terrifying, loving, challenging, and everything in between.

To make use of the treasures these experiences offer, integration is vital. Once integrated into our everyday waking lives, these experiences become tools to enhance our lives and the lives of others. Once contextualised into our everyday lives, the wisdom gleaned from altered states can, and often will, cause breakthroughs. It also offers us the opportunity to become more open, loving, and balanced within our own lives and surroundings.

My Background

For many years I walked the crooked paths towards understanding and integration on my own. Along with the personal insights I gained, I studied legends and myths of ancient cultures – particularly Buddhism and shamanism – and have utilised much of their wisdom on my own path to wholeness.

Aside from those inner journeys, I traveled in the outer world, visiting many countries to glean spiritual knowledge from other teachers. In my integration work, the wisdom of myths and ancient stories offer great insight via their archetypical structure (C.G. Jung) and can help us recognise similar archetypal forces, stories, and characters in our own lives that will shed light on our own inner path.

The wisdom actually lies in ourselves.

My role is to connect you with your own voice of wisdom and bring you the trust in yourself that helps you learn to listen to your inner voice. That voice is always with you and you never can lose it. Once you know the way to listen, its’ messages become clear.

Lastly, and optionally, my work includes connection with the ancestors, the earth, spirit animals, and inner helpers and powers. In this way, we create a safe space that is the first step of our work.

Remember, which of these paths and methods we use is decided by you and your inner voice. I accompany you wherever you want to go and with whichever of these methods resonates with you.

Please feel free to contact me for a (free) pre-consultation where we can discuss your needs and aims for working with me.


's approach to Psychedelic Integration

I offer a service of support that helps you recognise, understand and integrate the deep experiences gained via altered states of consciousness. I facilitate your renewed contact with the feelings evoked by these experiences, and guide you to the insights and understanding they offer for your life as a whole.

My approach to integration work is holistic – which means using more than just cognition to understand and integrate what you have undergone. We are much more than just our cognition. Bodily intelligence, intuition, experience, the connection with our higher self and with the subconscious are equally important tools for gaining insight into what your experiences can offer. As examples, I include body and breathwork, creative approaches like painting, dancing, etc. in my integration work to connect with different levels of intelligence – for example, emotional intelligence - and foster a deeper understanding of heart, soul, body, and mind. Using approaches beyond simple cognition, the most difficult or challenging experiences will often become suddenly more meaningful and clear than if we simply apply logic and analysis to them!

It is often the case that – particularly when exclusively using the rational mind to understand altered states – we are unable to integrate the difficult experiences they offer up, because they so often operate outside of rationality, as anyone who remembers their dreams will confirm! Yet these experiences remain alive, in dreams, in feelings, or in a hidden way you can't name. In other words, unintegrated experiences often still influence actions and beliefs in a way that might be more counterproductive than helpful to you. In such cases, it is essential to seek assistance in understanding the messages offered, and re-contextualising them in a way that benefits you.

Gestalt therapy offers a great illustration of this idea. We Gestalt therapists often say, „the „gestalt“ (The form of the circle) has to be closed.“ If a circle stays open, it appears again and again in certain situations which are connected with unintegrated experiences. Traumatic experiences are a well-known example. They remain like „open circles“ till the day we recognise, using holistic methods of perception, that this past experience is affecting us in the present, but has little to do with our present life. Untangling the meaning of such experiences, we are able to close the circle and leave it behind. Finally, we become free and enriched through the experience, with new tools for our lives in the present.

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