Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Practitioner

Roxana Gormley – Mesesan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From 100€/session


San Pedro


Heart Centered Coach
Integration Coaching
Nervous System Regulation
Somatic Awareness
Trauma Informed
Somatic Interventions

Areas of expertise

Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Trauma Informed
Facilitator of Psychedelic Integration Groups
Life Transitions
Substance Abuse Recovery

About Roxana Gormley – Mesesan

Hi, I’m Roxana and I am passionate about understanding and overcoming addictions with the help of plant medicines.

I am on this path due to my own life story. I dedicated a good part of my life to self-discovery and reaching the root cause of my suffering. Now, that I am on the other side of my struggles my passion and mission is to assist you in integrating your psychedelic experiences and overcoming addictive patterns.

I am aware that addictions and/or psychedelic experiences can make you feel lonely, misunderstood, and confused so I’ll walk this road with you until you gain the confidence to navigate this path on your own.

If you are looking for community and connection join me in my circles. I love giving back and supporting the psychedelic and recovery community and I do so by co-facilitating a free-of-cost, online psychedelic recovery group with the awesome non-profit organization Psychedelic Society San Francisco.

Roxana Gormley – Mesesan's approach to integration

Trauma-informed approach, somatically based with elements of motivational interviewing.

Much of the work I do with my clients is dealing with the effects of the psychedelic experiences that may surpass the mind’s and body’s immediate capacity for integration. Together we bring the concepts gained in psychedelic experiences into a felt sense so they can be somatically integrated and used as resources in times of need. While doing that I focus on maintaining social engagement by using invitational language and reflective listening to create a space for nervous system co-regulation.

Our ultimate goal is to create a plan that empowers my clients to realign with their authentic selves and if required we focus on overcoming addictive patterns.


  • Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model (ongoing)
  • Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner with Atira Tan
  • Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaching with Being True To You
  • 200 HR Holistic Yoga Teacher Traning

Roxana Gormley – Mesesan's offerings

  • Package of 3(three) Integration/Preparation Sessions – $300

    For Addiction Recovery, I assist my clients with lenghtier packages. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and discover how I can support you.