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Existential Coach specialized in Psychedelic Therapy Integration

Pamela Avellan Weeg

Mexico City, Mexico

From 85$ USD/session


Nature-Based Practices
Integration Coaching

Areas of expertise

Lack of Purpose



About Pamela Avellan Weeg

I am a bicultural Mexican/American certified Existential and Psychedelic Integration Coach. I offer a safe space of compassionate presence to support you in navigating life and exploring your truth.

Alcoholism, addiction, dysfunction in my family; self-doubt; feeling like I don’t belong; and the consistent sensation of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, are some of the struggles that led me to an ayahuasca retreat in 2019.

Following that experience, I was committed to a path of inner exploration, and consequently; transformation. During this process, I uncovered my true calling to accompany others on their path, with the intention to create an impact in people’s lives and the world.

Pamela Avellan Weeg's approach to integration

Integration is unique to all since we are all unique individuals with unique personal stories and circumstances. My approach is based on exploration. I try to understand your experience and together we navigate the waters discovering intentions leading to actions and transformation. 


  • Being True To You – Transformational Recovery & Integration Coach
  • Therapeutic Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

Pamela Avellan Weeg's offerings

  • 85$ per hour
  • 5 sessiosn for 390$